Are these girls ready for Lst

4 weeks old gg4. I tried to fim them but dont know if it was successful i figured i should tie them down let light in the center and fim again in 2 weeks.

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They’re definitely ready!

Looking good! Sounds like a plan!
Good luck!! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

I prefer topping, if lst is what you want, bend her over :+1:

Hey dont stop there i love info im a rookie i want to learn. I fimmed them already i dont if it was successful because i dont know what a successful fim look like. I think i cut to far down i just dont know. Can i borrow some of your ideas :grin:

I may not be a “rookie”, but I definitely ain’t an expert lol, im learning something new all the time. The veg stage is when you want to train your plant, shape it, prepare it for flower. All these trainings techniques are just another tool in the box, you can use multiple, or simply one, all depends on what your going for, and what your grow area is like.

Here are some training techniques you may be interested in

Thank you