Are these girls done? Look at the Tri's

OG Kush Day 74. Seeds said 75 days till harvest. What ya think. Looking cloudy to me. Just about right. 3 different plants

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The trichs on buds are mostly clear. Maybe a third cloudy. No amber. So Id let her rock. Hows the whole plant looking? And how far into flower?


Thanks for the comment. Really. I see cloudy. They seemed clear last week. But I admit my eyes are not what they used to be. I have a loupe and I was thinking they were cloudy. Plants have been flushed. They are in their 7-8 week of flower. According to the seeds they can be harvested at 75 days and that’s tomorrow.
Here they go. Had some deficiency early on 2 of them, but they seem ok.


That top pics shows calyx from leaves the best. Its the one im going off of. You dont wanna examine sugar leaves. False readings there.

And no worries about the crappy finish to the leaves. Those are irrelevant. She looks likes she’s close to finishing for ya. Just ease her on over the finish line


Haha, now I’m following you. Got to make sure you say the right things… lol

You save my fingers a lot of typing… lol​:v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


Lmao! Still nice to have your vote of confidence bro :facepunch:t5:


I know they are close. LOL. I’m not in any rush and I’ll keep checking. There’s def no amber yet, my eyes can see that, lol.

Thanks for commenting.

Looks nice bud. Id say still a couple to a few weeks. The times they give on descriptions are for perfect growing conditions where everything is perfect the whole grow. Never happens like this in home grows lol. The pistils still look quite a bit white. They will all turn orange brown color and look like they r almost non existant to a point. The calyx swells around them covering them. Once pistils are all chamged in color then is the best to start looking at trics on the bud meat not any leaves. Plant looks good tho keep it going


Thanks. Will do.

Harvested one girl at day 86. Tri’s were getting cloudy. Gonna stagger the 3 plants. Here we go