Are these fertilizer NPK Rations good for growing autoflowers?

I have 3 different fertilizers that I purchased and the NPK ratios are as follow: 0.1-0.3-0.7, 6-4-4, and 2-8-4. Would this be good enough to grow an auto flower or should I use ILGM’s fertilizers?


Yes, seems to have all stages covered. A light nute for seedling, a N strong nute for veg and the last should flower fine. What kind of medium are you growing in?

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I purchased Happy frog soil, Heard it has a lot of good reviews when it came to growing weed.


Good to go

Also one more thing, would you suggest buying the plant booster fertilizer for the last stage?

There are endless possibilities but you have the basics.

Are the plant protectors necessary?

I would get those things as a solution to problems if they come up.

You could fall down the rabbit hole buying stuff… I know I have

Ok thank you

Umm for water should I use distilled and add all my nutrients to that?