Are These Clones?

My neighbor brought over two plants. He got them from a friend. He thought he was getting seedlings. He’s new to growing as am I. I’m actually only a month and a half in on my first grow. However, the “seedlings” had a weird growth pattern. There wasn’t two branches coming off each node, and they looked sideways when I got them. I transplanted them out of solo cups and into 1.5 gallon pots. They looked like they had good roots. I think these are clones, but I am inexperienced with this. Also, do I just treat them like normal seedlings now?

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Probably clones, yes.

Best to treat them carefully like seedlings until a root system is established. At that point the plant(s) will take on the characteristics of the mother plant.


I have a related question. I have a small tent and can only grow one plant at a time. Is it worth cloning a plant in a small space–is there a benefit to using the plant’s clone over the planted seed? How long does a clone take to establish – is there a way to slow down the rate of growth of a clone?

Cannabis growth can be slowed by slow-rolling the waterings.

Clones generally take 10 days to 2 weeks to establish a root system. The real benefit of clones, imo, is maintaining the genetics of a preferred plant. The process can be somewhat slower than simply planting seed.

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