Are these buds going to get bigger/denser it's getting colder

With the nites in the 40’s for the up coming week and daytime highs only in the low 60’s should should I harvest now or can I expect more growth namely bud development/density.

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I’d go as long as you can. You might get a little more growth, but I’m betting not a lot more.

Hello Dexterado,

Thanks for the reply. I’m new to this, it’s my second year growing and I have the typical newbie fear of MOLD. I feel like I’m racing against that.

I’ve been afraid of that too! I live a little north of you

This is my first year


Very nice. Does the plant get a lot of sun there?

Thank you! About half of the day. I’m very excited - first grow!

I am also terrified of mold. I have been running a fan in the garden non stop the last 3 weeks

We are in the high 30’s at night. Started cutting the plants that are not throwing out white pistils anymore.

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