Are these blueberry Autos ready to harvest

Can anyone tell me if theses are ready to harvest


Can you take a couple more pictures? A whole plant pic and some cola pics from a little farther out?



I’m no professional but I’d say node spacing is too far on the tall ones and lights probably are not powerful enough for the space you are using. You really need close up pics of trichomes to tell if it’s ready.

Hello @Mogrow
Does that stand for Missouri Grower?
Do you have a way to look at your trichomes up close?
A jewlers loupe works well. I will look for the chart showing what to look for.
Im gonna say you are pretty close.

Trichomes…Early and too clear
Chart with different stages


Ok for lights I’m using a 1000 lumen HPS as for the space well it’s an 4ft wide by 8 feet long with a height of 7 feet.

As for the spacing between nodes that was how the plant grew.

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these are from about a week ago

Hi @VTGROW I take it your growing in Vermont ? I used to like in Brattleboro

Find a led lamp and flash bud and then tak pic, when you have bad camera then just put phone and bud on chair and take shot. Yellow lights ruining pic. You must try some training option. Lst. For first. Topping. Second. Etc

He needs to buy a jeweler’s loupe (amazon) and put it over the lens of his camera and zoom in. That’s really the best way to see the trichomes well

It’s a little late now, since the plants are near harvest.

@Mogrow you actually have control of that, depending on your light height and power. For your next grow, you can get those girls tightly controlled if you adjust some grow parameters.

Pics of pistils need to be taken under better light. Can’t tell if they’re Amber if pics are taken under Amber light. Try turning off your lights and taking a few flash shots.

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Hey @Mogrow,

Yeah I’m in VT. As for your pics it’s hard to tell, but it also depends on whether you want the highest THC or couch lock. My best guess is you are past highest thc and moving more toward couch lock. I’d stop watering and cut those girls soon but hard to tell from pics bro.

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Oops live not like

Ok I chopped 2 of them today hopefully they will be a good smoke. Going to chop 3 more tomorrow.

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Had to try some with a friend before curing. All I can say is :star_struck:.