Are these beauties about ready for harvest?

Hello, my fellow Cannabis lovers/growers,

I wanted to post these pictures to see if the community could help me out & lmk if these plants are about ready for harvest or if I should give them a bit more time. Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Here’s a bit of info on my current grow setup:

Strain: Top Gun
Planted: October 14th
Sprouted: October 15th
Lighting: 315 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide
Lighting Schedule: 22 hours on / 2 hours off
Medium: Fox Farm Happy Frog (Organic)
Nutrients: None
Trichomes: Cloudy

That’s about all I can think of. If u have any questions then by all means, ask away!


How many plants is that? I see some with a lot of white pistils.
Thanks @MidwestGuy , I was gonna go find that video myself.
@SkyywalkerOG , you will have to click the “watch on youtube” link. :wink:


There’s 4 of the Top Gun strain, I have 2 tents goin’ at the moment. One for my autos & one for my photos. But as far as the pistils go, they’re mostly orange, with some white, and some dark orange/almost light brown-ish. So give ‘em some more time ya think?

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I’m bout give this a watch rn. I just didn’t wanna harvest too early on accident.

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These are the 2 photos I have goin’ at the moment, these are actually from bag seeds that I found in the loud I get around where I’m from. The the first pic is Gorilla Cookies & the second pic is Platinum Cookies, 2 absolutely AMAZING strains imo.

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