Are these balls?

I’m wondering if these are balls or the stems preparing to get more thick? I’ve seen what I think are white pistils, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve stressed them to the point where they’ve hermied lol Anyone able to provide input?

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I only see a node knuckle.


Male, female, hermaphrodite.


It looks like a swollen calyx with a stem growing from it, or just a knuckle.

Def doesnt look like a male or herm.


Yeah all of my plants have those. Not sure if it’s due to LST? I wish I could buy all of you a beer or give you more than a thanks. Everyone on this forum is a tremendous help.


I’m in the same boat. I flipped my light schedule a week ago. 3 of the 4 are obviously female (had two males already I’ve removed).

It has shown me zero signs of being female.

That would be a swollen pulvinus in the first picture. It is “retaining water” at that spot, to sort of push that stem/branch/leaf where it wants it to go.


I’m on my third grow didn’t have these node knuckles on first 2. Third grow had big ones early wasn’t sure what it was. I was advised that its a good thing.


I get this sometimes if I stretched to the limit when I LST. I assume It’s a smaller version of what happens when you break and repair the branch. It gets a big knuckle

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Easy Einstein! Good call, had to look it up


Cool, I haven’t even flipped the lights yet but noticed the roundish shape and got a little concerned. I’ve read that you can sex plants fairly early on.

Were they feminized seeds?

We’re they advertised as feminized?

I’m not sure. It doesn’t look like any I’ve grown but I’m still new. Hopefully one of the experts helps u

Haha, just fun to say…puh puh puh pullllvinus.