Are these autoflowers stunted

Something ain’t right, how hot is your light and if you got one please lay a regular thermometer across the top of that pot for an hour and tell us the temp please.

Your soil looks dry as a desert to me. Get you a spray bottle and moisten the entire top layer of soil in each pot. In my opinion, Your either under watering or way too hot. Peace the Gurilla is outta here.

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The temp is 77 degrees I always have a thermometer on the ground underneath the light to show how hot it is since I planted them. Saw alot of ppl with them. So I figured it was soppused to have one lol monkey see monkey do type of thing. Yes the top is dry but when I move the soil literally a 1/8 of inch the soil is nice and moist so that’s why I thought I over watered I’ll probably check tomorrow evening and see how light the pot is. I over watered before and samething happened. And I went ahead and purchased a ac infinity with temp control and placed that thermostat underneath the light to further assure the temp stayed idle…

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After about 50 days no flower

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Guess I’ve been really lucky. I’ve grown well over 100 autos, and every one of them went into flower on it’s own as they’re supposed to!

I did as you recommended and the soil is Damp at 1 inch I’ll probably water tomorrow evening when I get off work because it will have been 3 days since last water.@Cap_ron

And it wasn’t a regular photo imo. It was an auto that didn’t flower. It was genetics

If the soil is damp that close to the top then I would wait. Have some patience and let the pots dry out.

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They spend way more time growing roots in a large container. They can fill a cup in a couple days, so they focus on above ground earlier.
I believe if you are patient once they switch gears to above ground they will explode.

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About 2 weeks here also. People hate miracle grow but that seedling starter is nice

This is this morning the tips of your leafs are starting to curl more on both of them

I kinda feel like they’re right where they should be for 15 days

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hello guys im not sure how to start a new thread so plz forgive me for jumping in on this 1 i seem to have a problem can someone tell me whats wrong in the first picture looks like a deficiency of some sort? as for the 2nd picture is this auto thats nearly 2 weeks into flowering a hemaph??? thanks in advance of any solutions guys both pics same plant btw.

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This was Day 14 from sprouting for my white widow auto. All four of my plants were this size.

This is Day 31. The plant white widow is top, left.

When they start growing, they grow fast.

Keep the faith.

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Wow @WormyUnicorn they look amazing!

Thanks. I still feel like I don’t know what the f—— I’m doing most days.

The thee autos just hit pre-flower. I’ve been LST-ing them since they put on a 5th node.

The bottom right is the lone photo. It’s getting LST & topping. It’s always been a bit slower, smaller, & more finicky than the autos. But I’ll let it vege until I harvest the autos, so it has plenty of time to get big.

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@WormyUnicorn yea I’m Impatient as hell so this is my first grow so every Lil sign I begin to worry! But I’m hoping mine will show soon I’m excited!

@harvester im tag @Pet_de_Chien and @Bluntsmoke @Borderryan22 they have help me alot maybe they can answer your question at post #58! I’m still new to growing so any answer you get I’ll be taking notes :memo: lol

Can ya get some better pics if you can, maybe with the phone flash…I don’t see anything out of the ordinary aside from swollen calyx, but the photos are out of focus and too dark…Im old.

Since this is someone elses thread IM gonna add a link to keep it clean. But @harvester start a new thread, copy and paste from link > and a bunch of guys will help ya. Support Ticket


You are pointing at girl parts. Those are swollen calyx.


Yes i had kinda forhotten that fact bit now two plants are working on above ground and its pleasing to look each day and see differences.the joy ,the joy…

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