Are these about ready to harvest?

Question from a fellow grower:

am trying to grow some plants in order to harvest for oils and have planted 2 different species. One is a Swazi Gold and the other I am not sure of. I think maybe KGB as I was given some seed for that strain.

The product is illegal in this country and I am growing it in my yard in a urban area.

I would like to know from you if these plants are almost ready to harvest as it seems that the pistils are starting to turn and the trichomes are pretty full up.


My big issue is I am going away for 3 weeks in 5 days time and don’t want to leave the plants unless it’s not a problem to do so.


Trichomes need to be cloudy with a hint of amber IMO. Do you have a jewelers loupe to see the trichs? Join the forum everyone here is awesome and wants to help.

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Absolutely need more time from what I can see in the picture but a jewelers loop is your best buddy at harvest 3 weeks hmmm a watering system would be the way to go even if you use water bottles (look up on you tube homemade water system ) and you will be set hope this help and please join we would love to have you join


I agree with @Hogmaster, way too many white pistils to be close.

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