Are these a couple of boys?

Just flipped to flower a couple of days ago after 10 week veg. I think these 2 are boys, but I wanted to confirm.

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I think you are right…


The first two pictures look like definite male parts. Not as clear on the other two.

Wait for another weigh in before you decide for sure - I’m still new at this. But the lack of pistils is concerning.


Thanks. Any idea how long I have until males become a problem for the females?

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Once the flowers open, it’s too late. Usually as soon as I see an obvious sign that it’s Male it’s in the trash. Not worth the risk to me.

It looks like it from the first two pictures. Not really clear on the last 2. But no need in taking a chance. Probably best to just remove. You don’t want it to pollinate onto the other plants. Happy growing :grin::v::potted_plant:

First one is without a doubt…

Can it asap!

I can not tell about the 2nd 2 pictures. But if they look like the first then yeah it’s a boy…
.sry fir the bad news my freind

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Usually about 3 weeks before they start to pop open between 2 and 3 weeks

They should start looking like a pack of bananas hanging from a tree limb before the really start busting open. I’d give it a couple more days to play safe on a couple of them but first 2 def look suspect lol.