Are there any light dimmers for Mars Hydro lights

So I have a Mars Hydro SP250 and I cant raise it any higher than I have it but I’m afraid of my plants getting light stress so I’ve been looking for a dimmer but I really can’t find one unless its already included in the kit with another LED light. Any suggestions would be great thanks!

Tip two: Adjust your power supply, and make the light less wattage.

  • Materiel: screw driver, watt meter
  • How to do it: We are using the meanwell driver for the SP-250, and it can be adjusted. Firstly you need to seperate the driver from the light, in the back of the driver, there is a hole, you need to open, and use the driver to adjust it. Plug the light into the watt meter so that you know which wattage you are getting. We recommend to adjust the light to around 200w. Then your light won’t be that hot, so is the driver. Here below is also a video for reference.

Hey just thought I would jump in as I have a couple of mars lights ts600 & ts1000 , I have separated the driver and dimmer on the 1000 and have it outside the tent it has a seperate dimmer on the daisy chain feature but still has an adjustment point on top of the driver it looks like it is to change colour but can’t find any info on it.
Does anyone know what it does ?

It is an internal dimmer. It allows you to reduce current on the driver.


They must be seedlings?
How far above plants is it?
How tall is you grow space?

Cheers , so it has an external dial dimmer and an internal dimmer ?

The external dimmer makes it much easier than removing the driver and adjusting it that way. And the external is less sensitive as well. You barely turn the internal one and it drops the current big time.

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Ok thanks for that it has been bugging me , do you know if the internal dimmer comes out of the factory set to 100%?

I do not believe so. Mine were not. I believe they are set at their max efficiency. But my drivers came with my quantum boards so I don’t know if they set them different than mars hydro.

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Thanks again, I would be lost without this site.

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I think I saw Canucks adjust one it’s a bit hard to adjust that way accurately without a wattage pull meter

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Oh it is. Even with a kill-a-watt. Just the slightest turn can drop you 30w.

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on your mars hydro TS 1000 is the dimming function on the bottom of the driver, like you have to remove the driver from the top of the light to adjust? asking for a friend. sorry i do not have one of my own.



Yea the older models have a screw dimmer on the bottom of the driver