Are there any hermie resistant strains

From a fellow grower: Are there any hermie resistant strains?

Stay away from fem seeds and it’s not a problem imo. I never had a plant herm on me until I started growing with fem seeds and I had been growing for around 30 years. Every single fem seed has a herm for a father giving them the herm gene. Yes you will have a couple male plants to get rid of but I have noticed that reg seeds grow healthier with less problems with bugs, and disease, don’t get me wrong all these things can still happen but I’ve noticed a difference in how plants grow since I started growing fem. Good luck and grow forward :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::evergreen_tree:


Regular seeds are the most stable.


I live in mid Michigan and grow outdoors. The last couple years, myself and others in the area have had a lot of seeds in our buds at harvest time.
Through much research I’ve been lead to believe feminized seeds USED TO BE more susceptible to hermaphroditism but that the more reputable sellers have developed hardier strains that don’t hermie as often!
Anybody else have thoughts?

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You didn’t specify if they were regular or feminized. I would like to add that pollen from other grows can travel for MILES down wind. So if someone else had a hemp farm, or even a male in their yard could cause seeds in your grow.
I still prefer regular seeds for growing out the most stable genetics, and the most vigor for growth.
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Yes @CBDme welcome to the neighborhood, I’m with covert I like regular seeds it’s just getting harder to find some strains in reg