Are the leaves supposed to curl?

Harvesting now- should the fan keaves curl like this?


I trim most of the fan leaves beforehand. I am thinking your leaves are drying that’s why they are curling.


Yes , this is how they protect the buds , this is normal ! If the plants was right side up , the :leaves: leaves will sag and fall off . This is gravity stripping the water vapors out of tge plants :potted_plant: molecular system by dehydrating and reversing the water out that the plant used , it wont hurt to trim them off before jarring or bagging for cure . Its up to you !


Thanks for the info that makes sense. This is after about 4 days of drying it just looked weird to me compared to other pics I’ve seen.


Perfecto , now just wait until the stalk snaps !

I agree with @ beachglass its because ur leaves are drying ,most people trim all fan leaves before drying so sit back and wait for it to dry just make sure ur rh doesnt fall to low u want it to stay around 55-60 % and low temp a long slow dry is what u want

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Happy Drying.
Agree, removing the fan leaves before final dry recommended.