Are the Girls ready to Flip to Flower ? to 12/12 schedule ? First Time Flowering Photos

OK These Girls are

on the left is Strawberry Lemonade by Barneys Farm that has been Mainlined to produce 8 colas using Nugbuckets Tutorial.

On your right is the Cup Winner White Widow by Royal Queen Seeds. Before you ask yes the plant has self topped itself as a seedling as it almost died at that stage. My mistake I was spraying the dome and not giving it any water to the soil but hey ho lesson learned.
The plant is alive and I’ve mainlined it to create 8 colas by using manifold on it.

I’ve pre flower transplanted them to 7 gallon flowering pots and installed my new lights the TSW 2000 by Mars Hydro. They pull 316 watts from the wall and are currently dimmed to 75% of full power blasting at least 250 watts in Veg.

I’m thinking of flipping them to flower today on 420 :slight_smile: Just to commemorate this awesome day.

What do you guys and girls out there think are they ready to flip ?

These are 1 day old pics that does not show new flowering pots but the lights are under shiny TSW 2000.

Also should I bother with CO2 Bags ? I’ve got 2 spare from previous grow I could use while grilling them at 100% power for 2 months :slight_smile:

PS that scrubber is not a problem it can be removed at anytime if height becomes an issue and placed outside and connected directly to my 8 in vortex extractor a way so it blows the air out of it instead of sucking it into it. If done that way I can lift those lights all the way up to the tent ceiling.