Are spots on leaves normal

1st grow, critical purple, 97 days from germination, using fox farm trio, have stopped the grow big, also using 1tsp cal- mag per gallon on non fertilizer days, just wondering if a have a problem with the spots on these leaves, thanx for any replies or advice

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A picture in natural light (and in focus) would be helpful…

I agree with @Myfriendis410 that we need a better picture.

Ok, sorry about that, here is a better pic, thanks for replying

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I’m not trying to pick on you but that one is worse than the first. Please: look at what you are putting up and tell yourself if you could see what’s going on? We want to help but you gotta give us something


If you’re taking pictures from a phone try turning all of the auto features off.

Ok. Thanx, is this any better

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You not picking on me, you taking time out of your day to help me out and I really appreciate it, I put 2 new pics up that are better, I think, thanks again

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Okay; I see definite N toxicity so looking at the color and the clawing of the leaves with burned tips tells me they are getting too much in the way of nutrients.

Can you give us particulars on your grow? What soil or media, nutrient line, how are you measuring PH and TDS etc. Lights are important.

Thanks for replying. Fox farms happy frog 50/50 pearlite, using fox farms trio minus grow big since 2nd week of flowering 50% of recommended dosage, 600 w led actual power 130 Chinese pieces of junk I know, haven’t been checking ph, which I know is important, being my first grow, just really want to get it to finish. I’ve already got a bigger tent and decent lights in mind to get, I really got into this one plant and want to learn all I can for next go round, I’m guessing I should go 25% on nutes, hope I didn’t mess this up, thanks again for taking time to give advice. Peace