Are seeds too old?

I recently purchased a high yield pack of 15 seeds. Most of them were undersized and I had a 100% failure rate trying 3 separate methods of germination. Over 6 months I tried one from each strain four times and gave one of each strain to another friend of mine with a green thumb in germination and cloning.
The only conclusion is that the seeds were either irradiated crossing a border during the pandemic, too old to be sold, or of poor standard to begin with as almost all of them were undersized. I’m including a picture I took of the pack containing the last 6 seeds.

I apologise for the bad focus.
Has anyone else had this issue?
I’d like to think it was a genuine mistake or a Murphy’s Law situation that will be resolved soon. I’ll keep an eye on this thread for any updates and update my results when the replacement seeds have arrived and I try again.

Just posted this on different thread.

I purchased 10 seeds from IGM and approx 8 germinated. Great Grow!

I then purchased 20 Bruce Banner from IGM and none germinated.
I then received 20 more GG from ILGM and none germinated
2 of the GG seeds did crack the shell but atrophied and never grew a root.

I then received 20 Gold Leaf from ILGM, attempted germination on 10 seeds and only one cracked shell in first 5 days( not looking good)
I just placed the final 10 Gold leaf for germination.
Seeds are in very controlled environment.

Warm 82-86 degrees
Moist- between dampened paper towels
Humid- inside sealed plastic bags with air trapped. Opened once daily.

I also had another grower attempt to germinate some of the same seeds and he was skunked also.
I will add that I did start some older seeds at the same time and had a 90% germination rate.
Seeds popped in 2-3 days and sprouted within 7 so I am convinced the that it is the poor seeds provided by ILGM and not the methodology. Unfortunately I want to grow new strains not repeat the same seeds over and over again.

None of the seeds germinated.
I passed 3 of them on to a genuine “seed whisperer” who could make cactus grow in Norway and even he couldn’t get a result. His opinion was they were small and sub standard.
I’ve contacted support after each failure and they said they’d replace them or give me 20 free seeds on my next order but I’m not going to be ordering any more when every seed was a dud last time.
My only thought (because I ordered right before the pandemic hit) was that maybe one of the borders they crossed irradiated the mail… who knows.
I will update when the next 15 arrive. Fingers crossed.

Note: seems like I’ve posted twice on the same thread.

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Something must be killing them cause I’ve gotten 3 international (from 3 separate uk seed banks) and 2 cross country from California to Michigan(from ilgm) orders and every seed that ive done a 36 hr 6.5 ph water pyroxide soak and paper towel has sprouted just fine(100% success rate)

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I agee. It sucks they’re having germination issues but ive purchased 6 different strains over time and only ever had one not pop but it was mostly my fault

What brand is your plain old bag soil??? in general you want to use something that would be specifically slated for cannabis plants and organic omri also you do not need to water seedlings they only need to be missed they don’t have a rooting system that’s going to require water until they’re ready to transplant out of their seed cup

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