Are seeds too old?

I just recently ordered 15 seeds. Blueberry, Northern Lights, and Amnesia Haze. I’ve tried to germinate 10 seeds so far. All but 2 have germinated, but most of them are not growing at all after germination. They get about 2 inches tall and about 4 leaves and then they start turning brown and not growing at all. This has happened to all but about 2 plants. I’ve noticed the dates on the little ziplocks are very old for the ones not growing at all. They are from 2001 and 2002. The two that are growing better are from 2009. I’ve been growing for a while so I don’t think this is anything I’m doing wrong. The ones from 2009 are the Amnesia Haze and they seem to be doing ok but could be better I think. Is it possible to get newer seeds ?

What type of grow ? Soil or hydro. And what soil is it. Sounds like they are getting nuked from soil ( way to high of a nutrient count )

I’m just a forum member. Wondering what went wrong.

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I’m just starting them in plain old bagged top soil from home depot so there shouldn’t be much nutrients in them.

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Overwatering… :man_facepalming::man_shrugging::+1::wink:
Plants only need to be misted…
During germination… :+1::wink:


I’ve only watered them once a week when soil was dry. I’m not a beginner.

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Where do you store your seeds. .?

I haven’t stored them at all. I germinated them as soon as I received them. They say to do that so I dont know why I would receive seeds with dates from 2001. Is that normal??

From my understanding those aren’t dates on the packages. Has to do something with categorizing.


I believe that @BobbyDigital is right about the categorized numbers. If they germinated then the problem is not likely the age of the seeds.

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First of all welcome aboard. I had a run like that with poor germination rates. I tried everything and was getting nowhere and was starting to lose heart. Where did you get your seeds from? I had changed seed banks and was having no luck at all. I felt like I was just getting junk from them. If that is the dates you are looking at then they’re well past it. Can you post pictures of the info on the bags, these guys really know their stuff and it would help them decipher just how old these seeds are.

i recently bought the same seed pack you did, and mine are also dated pretty old. that must be why they were on sale. but yeah i am having issues growing too. ive been doing only one from each strain… blueberry and northern lights died, and the amnesia haze got about an inch tall and seems to have stopped growing. the AMhaze is two weeks old. im pretty sure the soil i am using is not the problem, since i am also growing food plants, which are thriving. ive also been controlling the ph of the water they get, and making sure to not overwater the plants. im reallyu thinking the old seeds are not in their prime.

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Yep I got those 3 on sale just like you did a few weeks ago from this site. These plants are all 6 weeks old now. Here’s a photo

And just to confirm this, ILGM was founded in 2012

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You’re probably right but I dunno. Maybe they are just genetically bad. I’ve never had this problem growing before and I’ve been growing for 25 years.

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I’ve given up on autos. They seem hit and miss but for me they’ve all been a miss (all fluffy and not very potent). I have about 15 more seeds that I might just dump out in the yard. If they grow, they grow. I’m not wasting anymore resources on them.


I recently (12 weeks ago approximately) recieved the high yield mix pack, and despite using 3 methods of germination under perfect conditions I’m hesitant to do anything with the remaining 6 seeds. I’m going to look through my emails soon to find my original order email but the title of this forum post caught my attention. To say that my expectations were high isn’t an understatement. Quite dissatisfied really now, I hope support can rectify this as it seems like I’m not the only one in this position.

None of the 6 germinated? Damn!

Ordered Bruce Banner and attempted to germinate 1/4 of order.
Most did not germinate and remainder never made it out of soil.
Sarah said to germinate the remainder of 15 seeds.
I agreed so that if there was a problem with the seeds it could be resolved before wasting months on inferior crop.
4 full days and less than 1/2 have cracked open.
Kept Sarah informed and told her I thought the seeds were bad.
She offered less than 1/2 replacement.
Is this a scam?
I will follow up so others are aware of what their guarantee really means.

I’m having the same problems with my first purchase from ILGM and Autos. I bought 10 Gorilla Glue Autos ($200 Aud) mid August and started to germinate 5. It took 9 days to germinate and only 4 sprouted 2 weeks later. 2 are stunted (1 is only 5mm tall) and 2 grew to about 45mm tall. 5 weeks later and they seem to have stopped growing. I live in Australia and the seeds were already in country at the time of purchase, so I’m wondering how old these seeds were? I’ve bought from other seed banks before but I have never received such poor quality seeds in my 40yrs of growing. I’ve never bought or tried to grow Autos before so could someone tell me if this is normal or are the seeds old?

I also have been growing for 40 years. Started in my 20’s and now 64 years old. A lot has changed but farming is still the same. Good seeds equate to good crops. It has now been 7 days since I germinated 15 Bruce Banner seeds. Only 1 seed germinated and the protruding root was less than 1/16 of an inch. Huge disappointment. I have since received an e-mail from support at ILGM in which they agreed to replace the seeds that did not germinate. I sent them an image of the stagnate seeds and am waiting for their response. My first order from ILGM was very successful. Out of 10 seeds I got 3 really nice plants. This is under my normal success rate but I grew this batch of autoflower outside and the heat has been very oppressive this summer in Southern California.