Are Red stems ok? How does grow look?

So just out of curiosity are these red stems bad? Everything seems to be doing ok for this 41 day old gorilla glue auto flower how does it look in comparison to other people? (First time grower here so I have no clue what it is supposed to look like at this stage) began flowering about 2 weeks ago, one plant is about a week ahead of the others it seems to me. Grown in a 4x4 Mars hydro with the tsw2000, 5 gallon pots, happy frog soil, and light doses of fox farms nute trio, ph water to 6.0 every time of watering


And I did lst when younger but accidentally broke a main stalk (long story) on one so I got nervous and took all the wire ties off for now

It’s normal. Red leaf stems are generally a sign of maturity. When you break a branch use any tape you have on hand to repair it. More often then not they heal.

The gorilla glue autos I ran hit flower around 5-6 weeks. One flowered for 9 weeks and the other flowered for 12.

Also pH your water to 6.8… 6.0 is too low for soil. You want 6.5 for soil pH. Fox farm soils are low in pH so that’s why I suggest 6.8… track your run off.


No expert, but red stems can be a sign of stress, or genetics.

Honestly, your girls look a little droopy though… How often are you watering? Droopy is often a sign of over/under watering. Red stems could be from that.

@Low credit for reading the whole post… I shoulda caught the pH thing XD Do they look slightly droopy to you?

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@Dankloud Previous the soil was not drying up until 7 days after watering (during veg) but once it started growing pistols it started drying up faster and faster, now I’m putting 1 gal in each pot once every 3 days

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Potentially an early Phosphorous deficiency:

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This is everything I have done to the plant so far

Aug 5
Planted seeds
Gorilla glue auto flower from ILGM
Started flower September 5th

Week 1 (aug 5-11)
Light at 24”
70-90 rh
Ph 6.0 water

Week 2(aug 12-18)
Veg stage
Light at 18-24”
70-90 rh
Ph 6.0 water
14ml grow big in 2 gal on 16th
30 ml big bloom in 2 gal on 16th
Only used 1-1.5 gallons between all 3 plants
Started to have curling so raised the light to 24” and turned down to 75%

Week 3 (aug 19-25)
Growing phase
Light at 24”
75% rh
Ph 6.0 water
Watered ph water on 19th 1.5 gal
Started lst on aug 22
Aug 24 fed with 60 ml big bloom 30 ml grow big in 2 gallons of water

Week 4 (aug 26-Sep1)
Light at 24”
80 rh
Watered September 1

Week 5( sep 2- 8)
!!!Flowering began around September 5th!!!
Light all the way up high and on max
70-80 rh
5ml of tigerbloom per 2gal
8ml of growbig per 2 gal
30 ml bb all on September 7

Week 6 (sep 9-15)
60%-70 rh
Light all the way up high and on max
Watered ph water September 10th (1.5 gal /3)
15 ml bb 10ml grow big 10ml tiger bloom on September 14th
Broke main top on 14th

Week 7 (sep 16-22)
70 rh
Light all the way up, turned down a little on 17th
Watered reg on September 17th

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Yeah. Could be a number of reasons. Recent watering, close to lights out, heat, light intensity.

I wouldn’t worry about any deficiencies until they are abvious.

Are you not tracking the run off ppms and pH??


@Low thats kinda what I was thinking, the lights turned on only an hour before these photos were taken, just had watered, and the heat and humidity has been way too high for my likings but it is what it is

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All my fan leaves turned purple and everything went fine
I’ve even seen people use that as a signal that thy can remove it (only if needed obviously)

@Low yeah that was a major set back for the plants starting off, I was roasting them with the light, I raised it all the way up to the top of the tent and turned it to 100%and they did ok but I still think I’ve been giving them too much light, just turned it down a little
The tent is outside in a shed and I have 2 dehumidifiers running and can’t get the humidity below 60-70

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It’s important to utilize ppfd and dli to your advantage.

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@Low excuse my ignorance but I have no idea what those are

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Ok, I see people say download the flu app(insert app name here) and others say they’re worthless

What the what

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You can do what I do and connect ducting directly to the exhaust of the dehumidifier.

The Photone app is pretty accurate. So idk what app your referring to @Mr_Wormwood


I’ve just started the science side of this and I’m enjoying it.
Using the app and dialing my lights back is a nice change.

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It’s pretty great. No more guessing.

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What app is recommended by fam

Ppfd says 40
Dli says 2.5
Lux says 2000
These mean nothing to me haha I don’t know what it’s supposed to be @Low

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That is extremely low… Do you have the time cycle set correctly?

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