Are Nutes necessary in Veg stage?

Hello All,

It’s my first grow and my one plant is now ~20 days into veg. It’s BlueBerry photo in a 5gal soft pot using FFOF soil.

It seems to be thriving on its own with me just feeding it RO water, ph 6.5, with 30-100PPMs Cal Mag and plenty of LED light.

My questions is, should I, or do I need to be feeding it nutrients?

A recent photo:


Your lady looks very healthy @HappyCamper:+1::ok_hand: and usually, FFOF, is consider to have pretty much all the plants needs in nutrients until flowering stage , so, if nothing is going wrong, keep what you’re doing :laughing::wink::+1::ok_hand::v:

You’re plant will tell you when she’s gone a be hungry :wink::innocent:


Like @Niala said, FFOF is pretty “hot” very little need for any nutes.

I have 7 plants which are almost 9 weeks from germination (1 week into flower) I have used FFOF from the start with them. I only used nutes once in veg (at 1/4 strength), that was about 3 weeks ago. Still got slight nute burn.

We decided to do nutes again last night with the addition of a flowering nute, again did 1/4 strength.

My plants are doing fabulous in FFOF :slight_smile:

Your plants will tell you when they need a little extra help.

Good luck with your grow!!! Its an addicting little hobby :crazy_face:


Nutrient deficiencies will show by the bottom leaves going flat yellow and then moving up the plant. Those girls look very healthy. FFOF is good soil. Need coffee


these guys have jjust got their first feeding and have been in ffof and I only fed them now to get them pushing to go to 12 12 you should be fine till almost flowering.


@Oldstoner - I like your SCROG net. I made mine also…


Hubby made one for me as well

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Good morning @HappyCamper

I am a firm believer that FFOF is all you need. Your plant looks really nice and I would let them go.

@rodri59 Has the right idea. If you do add nutes, you are looking at the chance to burn them.

I burned up my first grow using nutes and learned from that. I rarely use nutes in veg unless I start seeing deficiency signs. Here is what you want to look for in the plant for deficiencies.

The most important thing to follow very closely is the pH of the water. If you keep the pH in range, you veg period will be carefree and you can study up and get ready to have a fun flowering period.

Best of luck on your grow. Jerry :cowboy_hat_face::motorcycle:


Which grow was that scrog in @Oldstoner ? I am looking for a good design and like to look at a lot of designs. Got a while to build it.

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Absolutely what @TxGrowman Ph is HUGE (to coin a popular current word). I firmly believe my grow has been pretty much problem free due to the fact that I have stayed on top of my ph…going in and coming out.

Also that symptom checker he included is really valuable. :slight_smile:

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I agree with the others, you’re probably better off waiting for them to ask for something.

One thing I liked to give them in veg regardless is silica. The advanced nutrients silica additive seems to be a popular one here. But I used silica blast and it seems to work just fine. Depending on what line you plan on using, they probably have something that’s similar.

@HappyCamper I also use Golden Tree additive in my veg water. I got a small sample for free and used it and now I will not grow without it. Used in on my vegetable garden and it sure makes a difference.

I used Golden Tree in this grow and the veg period was amazing. Strawberries In The Grow Box

Several other growers here are using it and have not heard any bad reviews on, only good ones. Jerry


It is the grow I am doing now @TxGrowman .I am huge on reduce reuse and recycle the wood is from a old window cover that I tacked some crafting nails into then the line is canvas thread for stitching tent seams I got for 2 bucks at a garage sale a giant commercial spool 3,000 yards . Then just put 3 cords to hold it up so I could put it on a adjustable light holder to make it easy for me to do . This is my first scrog where I am refusing to give up and take the scrog out .I have a hard time getting under it to properly care for them . Oh and to answer the question it is in the grow journal From seed to weed a boy and his scrog

I’m using a blend of FFOF and FFHF, I just introduced some Fishbone Meal l, and some Brewer’s yeast as amino acids diluted in unchlorinated water.