Are Northern Hemisphere fellow growers harvesting now?


Hi friends I haven’t met yet. I’m from Australia and about 6 weeks into my first grow :slight_smile: they’re outside and i just put them from pots into the ground. I’m wondering have you guys in the Northern Hemisphere harvested?
While I’m at it, here’s my little crop…my first time growing and I’m pretty excited about the project… they change every day and are so responsive to being cared for. I guess that’s why they call them ‘babies’ hey :wink:


Going out today to put the last one in the ground and will post a proper photo!


@Sunflower for most of the US and Canada harvest outdoors is pretty much October.


So everyone should be smoking it up now then :v::wink:


Depending on harvest date then a week to dry and a month to cure and then yes. I am harvesting an indoor grow of a scrogged gold leaf tomorrow. She is ready! She is almost 6 months old!