Are my trichromes ready, looking milky


Iv just got my new microscope, see shots, the strain is Blue Berry.
I have also analysed the bud I clipped off a week ago, now dried, please see the chemical readout on my new MYDX machine

Anyone have a MyDx chemical analyzer

Thats a pretty cool machine!


If you have then flushed cut harvest in next couple days they are at almost 50/50


agreed, details? Edit: $700

sure looks really close to ripe!


Yea I would flush, wait for soil to dry, put her into 36 hours darkness, and then cut and hang. In those days the rest of the trichomes should Amber up


OK will do, here goes,
When you say flush, should I pour heaps of water through the plant,
I havnt given them any nutrients for over 2 weeks would I still need to flush, anyway its not for the smoking taste just for oil.


It’s up to you really, but I would personally flush again, but that’s because I smoke my buds! If you haven’t given nutes in two weeks, and plan on harvesting for oil then I would say you’re fine. I still think there would be built up nutes. Unless you flushed two weeks ago and haven’t given nutes since, then you’re definitely fine! I’m not sure how the taste of bud affects the taste of oil?


Thanks, you are right, I just flushed now, wait to soil is dry then hang up in tent with lights out for 3 days.
Does this sound like a plan??


slower let them dry slower 3 days is too fast 6-8 days temp no higher than 70f humidity 50% if you are only making oil you’ll still want the resins to come out best they can :slight_smile:


Okay will do thanks


3x volume … 5 gal container soil 15 gal ph,ed water ? if 2 gal soil use 6 gal waterto flush … ps how much and where diid you get your gizmo at ???


Great I’ll do that. I will keep measuring the chemical balance each day up to and during drying, just to monitor the thc shifts. Is 20 % thc high?
The machine is MyDX top shelf model $900 USD


soon ill add that to my tool chest …lol first have to cover this seasons cost beans 1400. lights and counting 1200. plus the op cost lol BUT i want one bad just to know …plus my Buddies will want to test theirs .For a fee of course :sunglasses:


20% is good. Sounds like it’s doing great. What do you use for the solvent?
We can’t get ever clear in CA that’s higher than 151. After reading Rick Simpson way to remove the oils I started to use 99.5% isopropyl alcohol. The amount of oil went up from the amount the 151 removed, there was 4 gram difference. Same plant same buds. Just make sure to remove ALL the alcohol.
A coffee cup heater works great not to hot, but it will remove it, I leave mine there about 5 or 6 hours or till I see no little bubbles in the oil. Sorry if you know all this, hope it helps if you don’t lol. Not sure if I can post this here or not. That’s Ricks web site.


Not be’in nosy but what does one of those cost???


$1000 aud Great machine