Are my trichromes ready? Amnesia Haze on its 62nd day of flowering


Are my trichromes ready? Amnesia Haze on its 62nd day of flowering


in order to determine “readiness” your trichomes need to be magnified.

the pics you posted only help slightly. and by the looks of pistils,…you have some time left.

but to be REALLY sure,…you need to look at trichomes with 40-60xmagnifier.

then you can harvest based on how much % of amber you want ultimately.
i recommend at least 40% amber.


If no scope/louqe - harvest when 80% of the “pistal’s” are amber/brown - looks mighty ready – you are in the 15 day harvest window


first off, try to find any magnifier you can … itll help you see the color of resin in the trichomes ,harvest when their about 1/2 and 1/2 Amber Not Cloudy … the more the amber the more the couch lock …Next id first wait till the PISTIL’S “aka the hairs” start to turn Back Into the Calyx …at this point if the calyx receives no pollen ,it wil start to produce a lot of resin… Instead of putting its energy in to seed production …when you see the pistils turning inwards then start watching the trichomes, for cloudy and the amber coloring …i don’t personally go by what the day of flowering time …i go by what the plant shows me as to harvesting …


@Hammer and @AgentJay

They have you answer



Thanks Hammer.

I have a magnifier but I had a doubt because the trichromes are so white.
It is my first grow and wait is the harder stage. kkkkkkk.

Thanks a lot for answer.


when you see the color shift to AMBER itll be obvious with good magnification …H


They will start to turn anber. Im in the same boat as you are im waiting for around 60 to 80 % amber

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Garrigan ,thanks i dropped the ball there .lol but yes Garrigan is Correct …:smile:


No, you were right…you just left out the word " Amber " lol



that’s what i meant when i said i dropped the ball. lolol incomplete info is not good ,it’s like bad advice …not good …i should have proof read what i wrote before replying . . MY apology’s TO MR Lenaim. for my lack of wording … thanks Garrigan good save …Hammer


You would do it for me im sure my friend.



All of you was help me so much. No apologize needed. I appreciate your help always. :grin:


I only have the eye piece of my telescope that I try to use. LoL. Man though It’s really hard for me to refrain from chopping. I almost chopped my top cola today so the bud on the lower branches would develop more. Thinking now instead of chipping the top cola, I could pinch the stem or strangle it with some string to limit the energy so it would divert more to the bottom, while still giving some to the tip.