Are my Temps Off?

Hello fellow cannasuers, I’m wondering if I have my Temps to high at the moment.

I started germination 2 days ago and today I planted it in the soil after seeing the root crack. I placed it in a 5 gallon Fabric pot with my soil mix of 2/4 happy frog - 1/4 ocean forest and 1/4 strawberry fields at the bottom for when the roots get to the flowering stage. My temperature at the bottom on top of the pot is 91 But the middle of the grow area the temps are 86F-33H should I lower the temp and raise humidity and also will my plastic bag cover be able to act like a humidity dome Or should I add a plastic cup?

Please any tips on the grow tent would be amazing :pray:


86 is decent. 91 is pushing it.

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I was considering maybe just raising the light up maybe 28" from the soil, at the moment I have it at 22" from the top of the soil and I think that is what is causing it to read so high. I am worried if I turn on my exhaust fan it will lower the humidity?

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It might. Use a clear done like a clear Solo cup or a cut pop bottle and spray inside the dome a couple of times each day.


:point_up_2: this will take care of the humidity and turn the exhaust fan on and play with the settings to get the temps down to a comfortable range :love_you_gesture:


[quote=“jtcruz420, post:1, topic:98611”]
Please any tips on the grow tent would be amazing :pray:

From USU’s Dr B.Bugbee video presentation.
I drew white line and box outlines.

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Interesting chart. I run my plants at 1,100 PPFD during flowering. My temps always run a little lower, which is less than optimal. I should move my light ballasts back into the tent for a little heat.

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@MidwestGuy @DEEPDIVERDAVE I Cut the bottom of a 2 Liter bottle and that worked as a Dome I also turned on the exhaust fan and was able to lower the temperature to 86. While still keeping enough humidity for the seed to become a seedling. What do y’all think about my soil mixture?

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I’d have gone with straight Happy Frog with some perlite, but what you’ve mixed should be fine. A dome will provide for plenty of humidity.

Don’t overwater. Cannabis seedlings hate wet feet.


Works for me too. :white_check_mark:

Absolutely! This is critical. :100:

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Nothing “wrong” with it but like @MidwestGuy said, adding perlite is really all you need to do for a decent soil brand. After a few waterings, the nutes in all those different soil types will leech throughout the planter and are mixed to an average. Most soils from FF will be depleted and need additional nutes by the time flower starts anyways.


As written by MWG, (@MidwestGuy )forum search dome watering techniques and variations for fuller explanation.
Required reading for Seedling 101 graduation.
Domes come in all sizes and shapes.

My Clone Dome with 100%humidity, will dry-out in 2 hours.
Clones totally different from seedlings, but I graduated Cloning 401 in 1982
@Spudgunner has a grow thread and somewhere has written his seedlings easily can go longer than a week w/o watering(solo-cup).
I use hide in a corner technique to slow seedling growth, until space A opens.

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What’s the reasoning behind this? That’s really close for a soon to be sprout imo.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE @HMGRWN @MidwestGuy I will take all your advice and appreciate the support guys. Can’t wait for my baby to grow.

@Bluntsmoke by my manufacturer instructions for my light it says seedling 20-24" from top of soil
veg 18-20" and Flower 12-18 . I have the T600 mars hydro light.

All 6 of them that survived, yep! But I use a clone dome with a T5 florescent light, pushing out a whopping 17 watts! And not much heat to evaporate the surface of the soil. My “solo” cups are just those 3" or 4" nursery pots, small enuff not to use much space in the clone tray, yet big enuff for the roots to develop nicely before a transplant is needed. I use the same little pots for clones, of which I’ve probably taken 40 or 50. Another half dozen in a week or so when the ducks line up again.

And I just use ProMix for seedlings/clones, well the whole grow actually! Then I don’t have to worry about what’s left in the soil, or if it is too “hot” for the seedlings/cuttings.

I’ve also found that having a heating pad under the dome can cook seeds, don’t let the roots get too hot! Been there, done that. Sucks when seeds germinate and then you steam them like a Brit cooks vegetables!

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Currently using a fishbowl. LOL


Clones in the lung room are at 60 degrees, if it is warm during the day.
But, no doubt some ladies love the heat.

I tried to put out some warnings to members moving drivers “just because”. But eventually get tired of repeating myself. By eventually, that usually means after the second or third time haha. I feel 86 is tough for some to run at, but definitely like to stay at 80 if possible.