Are my Super Skunks ready?

Hey guys, this is my first ever grow that survived the seedling stage. I have 3 Super Skunk feminized plants that are about 2 feet. I want to say they popped out of the ground around March 5th.

They are in 5 gallon fabric containers and they’re located not in direct sunlight. They’re in pots in the event I need to move them.

My question is are they ready to cut down and trim? I know it’s not a big yield but I’m just glad they got this far.

Also the plant that’s not top started shooting new growths at the top all of a sudden. What’s up with that?

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What is happening is called Revegging. The plants went into flower mode due to the shortness of daylight hours. Now that days are getting longer the plant is reverting back to its vegetative state. When the days start getting shorter again it will make its way back into flower mode and throw new buds.

Don’t chop now, they have a whole season to go


They look great! Let those girls grow up!
Good luck

Gee really? Wow that’s cool. I hope it’s a nice haul then. I’ll keep watching it. It’s the rainy season now, I’m assuming that will be good.

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Rainy season isn’t the best for them. Too much moisture in the air can lead to mold. Better to be in veg than flower though if it’s raining a bunch


Okay just to make sure I understand you guys correctly. Just let the plants be?

I’ll also move them more in direct sunlight.

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Yes, let them continue to grow as you have been

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Chicharney, no those plants are no where ready to cut, and hang. In my opinion. Try this 1 tbsp of grow, or micro, with a gallon of water. Let me know how it goes