Are my stunted plants looking healthy again?

So, these 2 northern lights autos were stunted because I did not realize the soil was not packed down firmly enough. By the time I realized, I think it may have been too late. I think I may have them back to full health now. This is my first successful grow. Do they look healthy? Deficient? Any obvious problems at all? Thank you for your opinions/input!


They look great.

I’ve never heard of a plant being stunted by not having packed soil.

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this pic was taken day 66. I thought autos grew faster/larger than this, no? IDK. I’m just a beginner. I thought they were stunted IMO.

Your plants are fine. We’ve seen mature autos that have been much smaller.

Not all autos are big it really comes down to genetics and how u feed them and ur air temp and humidity and VPD if all things are in the right range ,or it just may come down to the genetics ,the autos im doing there about four foot tall but the genetics i use the auto veg for longer then other autos

Ive had some that were 16 inches tall and some 6-7 foot lol