Are my seeds dead?

Got 10 Nothern Lights Fem from ILGM. This is my first grow for cannabis, but I have a very healthy garden and start all of my veggies from seed too.

However, I wanted to follow IGLM’s recommendation for germination. So I started with only 3 seeds in a glass of RO water. Let them sit in darkness for 24 hours, no tail yet. I waited another 24, nothing. And at this point I’m reading through threads on here where people are saying that you can drown seeds if they’re in there too long, so I take them out, place between damp paper towel, in in between two plates on a heat mat. Unfortunately, I had a work trip that day that had me gone for 15 hours, I came home and the paper towel was completely dried up.

Are they dead now? I’ve since put them in soil, but 2 more days have passed and no sprout.

Might be, hard to say for sure all you can do is water it and wait

Just put them in a moist paper towel and put in a unzipped sandwhich bag and wait a few days and make sure the paper towel doesn’t dry up this time. You’ll find out if they are junk or not. Screw the water. I never soak my seeds I put them directly like I stated above and all sprout. Keep them warm and they will germ if you didn’t drown them

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Soak them for a day. If they don’t pop, so what. Wet paper towel folded over a couple times maybe with a little innoculant or nah, put in sandwich bag as already stated in above comment, maybe place between to saucers/dishes, put in dark place like the drawer that holds your underwear. Wait and check maybe 2 times a day. May take 7 days if shell of seed is hard.