Are my seedlings stretching? Repotting question too

Day 8 of (2)white widow left, and (1)bubblegum right both seeds from ILGM
Temp - 74-79f
Humidity - 65-75%
Light Viparspectra p2500 (actual 250w)
18 on 6 off
Soil 50/50 FFOF/FFHF
Space heater, humidifier, fan not pointed at seedlings
6” exhaust and 6” intake

All seedlings have had humidity dome on since sprouting. Light at 60% 26” from canopy currently. Did a DLI check today and raised to 100% @ 26” for a DLI of ~15. I will be keeping the two best performing plants once they get bigger.

My first question is: Are these stretching? They seem tall and skinny. From soil to leaf is about 2.5-3”.

Second question: When I repot eventually should I leave the soil level at the same spot or bury the stem a little more?

Sorry if I did not provide enough or proper information. I will answer all questions. Thank you!


Yup. Just a bit of stretch.

Absolutely. I always add more dirt around the stem when transplanting. The stem will shoot roots and it will help keep them sturdy and stable


Okay great. I won’t go overboard, but just a little bit extra on the stem. In your opinion, do you think raising the lights to 100% might correct this? Hard to tell until I get another node I guess.

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Turning the intensity up will help, but they are seedlings so its a fine line there. How far from the plants is your light?

Is this the light?

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Yes that is the light. The light is 26” from leaf

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At what percent dimmed? I think 50% at 20 inches maybe just what u need.


Past 8 days it’s been 26” at 60%. This morning I put it at 100% at 26”. I could definitely change it up and see how the leaves look

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Seedlings don’t need a lot of light. @PurpNGold74 has you covered…


Yah ur seedlings are stretching either turn ur light up abit or lift ur seedlings up towards the light or u can drop ur light abit u want to put a fan inside ur tent on low sp it blows air around ur plants it will help make ur girls stems stronger

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I imagine a humidity dome, even if clear plastic, significantly reduces PPFD reaching the seedling. When I use a dome I lower the light and use max power (I use a 65w X1 mini veg spectrum so it won’t burn them up)

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