Are my seedlings stretched and when should i start feeding them?

Hello fellow cool people. I am fairly new to this I need some guidance and help lol. Do these seedings look stretched to you ?? I had the light way to high up for the first week and I finally brought it down. WHEN SHOULD I START FEEDING THEM ??!!

Lil bit leggy but not horrible. As for feeding… what are you planting in, grow medium?

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I’m planting them in soil. Happy frog and using all fox farm products. Idk why I used Rockwell to start the seeds idk if this will be a issue when transplanting them into soil for the first time. Do you think Rockwell will be back in soil? WHAT SHOULD ME TEMP AND HUMIDITY BE. Also what should I do for my seedlings immediate future to ensure they will be fine.

Add no nutes.

Rock wool is fine, its what i use.

Happy frog is perfect, its also what i use. Once you see roots out of that cube transplant to solo cups. Once leaves overhang the cups by .5 to 1" transplant to final pot(i use 5 gal fabric. No nutes for 3 to 4 weeks after.

Get some micorizzae for the transplant.

Get them under a dome, clear cup is fine. Temp 75 or 80. Humidity as high as you can get it.

Go real easy on the water, overwatering kills more plants than cigarette lighters do.

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When should I start feeding them nutrients. Also what kind of feeding schedules do you follow and what are the PH and PPM levels I need in my water ?

Your a huge help so far thank you

Water ph 6.3 to 6.8 is what i run. Ppm is a little different story. Need to know what nutes your running and what your water ppm is.

You dont need to feed for at least a month from now. I usually veg for 6 to 8 weeks depending on strain. I dont give veg nutes till week 5 or 6.

My tap water Ppm comes in at around 180 ppm. For nutes, I am using big bloom, cal-mag, kelp mw kelp you, and wholly mackerel. Also What nutrients do you use ?? What are the best nutrients ?? And do you follow the fox farm feeding schedule ??

Last 6 grows ive used emerald harvest nutes. I love the results. I only use fox farms soil so i dont use their schedule.

I dont know what the best are, depends on if you wanna grow organic or not. I dont, ive considered it but the organic i smoked wasent any better than what i was growing.

I dont measure tds often, i got my process dialed in pretty good. I do go back therebif i change something or have a problem tho. Id be hesitent to advise you simply cause ive never used FF nutes. I know a lot of people who swear by it tho.

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I understand that. How long does your entire grow usually take from seedling to bud being ready to smoke ?

6 to 8 weeks of veg and 8 to 12 weeks flower. So roughly 4 months. Ive had autos come in way faster and ive had photos come in a little later. I dry a week and cure 2 on top of that. And yes, i dry some and smoke it immidiately sometimes when im low. It tasts like shit but will still slap a buzz on yer noggin.