Are my seedlings done for? Coco coir/perlite

Strain; (3) Chocolope & (1) S.A.G.E.

System type? Coco coir/perlite 50/50 Drain-to-Waste

PH of runoff? 5.0

What is strength of nutrient mix? 200ppm


Light system, size? T5 Fluorescent 2ft x 4 bulbs

Temps; 72F

Humidity; 65%

Ventilation system; Yes

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: Humidifier

Co2; No

Hey everyone, I’ve been germinating these seeds for 28 days now and they are severely undersized. I was just wondering if you think I should go ahead and kill them and try germinating new seeds or do you think I can get them back to health?

I’ve been reusing the coco coir/perlite mix these plants are sitting in for 3 grows and I think that maybe the last time I stored it away in a closed container it grew bacteria or something because I didn’t allow it to dry out enough and it was damp when I transplanted these seedlings into it. At one point a mushroom grew out of the one of the seedling’s medium. I also think there were some left over roots from previous grows. I’m just going to get new coco coir/perlite next grow I do.

For nutrients I’m using the FloraTrio seedling formula along with Botanicare Ca-Mg+, Silica Blast & Hydroguard. I might add that my water is RO water. Any help is much appreciated!


@Donaldj @bob31 I’m not that experienced with coco, but I’ve tagged some more experienced growers to help. @LST

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Thank you!

Try upping your ppm and ph slightly 400 ppm and 5.8 ph or roughly what it takes to hit that ph at run off


Thank you, I will give this a try as soon as they’re dry again. The pH runoff was originally at 4.1 but I kept flushing them with pH 9.5 water until the runoff came up to 5.7. Then as soon as I gave them pH 7.0 nutrient water, the runoff pH dropped to 5.0.

I’m having trouble keeping the pH in the 5.5-6.5 range for some reason.

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Some dolomite lime broadcast on the surface of the coir will help bring it down.

Your plants are held back by your ph. They should take off as soon as you’re back in range.

As small as they are you might transplant into fresh media…

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Being coco you could water/feed daily the 50/50 mix makes it extremely hard to over water. Did you rinse coco prior to use? and what kind of perolite did you add some actually have fertilizer in them which would explain ph some

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I figured the pH was the main hold up. I may go get some new coco today and try a transplant. Couldn’t hurt much to try at this point.

I’ll have to check when I get home, but no, I didn’t rinse it before I used it again. I’ve heard of people watering Coco daily but I’m so used to the water-when-dry method and have had good results.

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It depends on the size of the plant and the pot. My little ones are currently every other day but the big girls every day or they’ll die.

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Yeah, I normally have to water everyday once they get midway into flowering but I’ve been able to water once a week with goods results while in veg.

I’m trying to decide if I should go to my local hydro store today and purchase new coco coir or just switch over to soil and buy that instead. Then I could transplant all 4 seedlings to a fresh new medium.

Otherwise I need to figure out how to fix my current coco coir medium’s pH.

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I’d stick with the coco but buy fresh stuff. Or Promix soilless which is peat based and run at a higher ph than coco.

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Okay, I’m gonna buy new coco today then. Thank you for your help.

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Happy to help. Tag me in, I’m interested!

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My seedlings are recovering! They’re in fresh coco/perlite and the pH is back in the 5.5-6.2 range. Thanks again everyone who gave input!


Great news!

Be careful on watering in an oversized pot. Just enough for a couple of days.


Just thought I would let all you fellas know that I harvested 17oz of beautiful bud on this grow! :grin:

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Thanks for the update @LST I hope the grow was fun, and you learned a lot on the forum. Happy growing!

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