Are my seedlings doing fine? Pics

White widow autoflower 6 plants total in a 4x4 tent

Here is my journal. Grow journal link Seedlings broke ground about 5-6 days ago…

Was curious if the yellowish color on the one and the seed not popping off the other? The rest of my plants look more like the one that appears the healthiest out of 6 plants

Looking good? I just raised my 2 Mars TSW2000 to about 18” from top of plants about 30% dimmed.

Par meter is giving me between 4-500 ppfd at the tops of the plants now about 100-200 less than before.

Thanks in advance

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They look healthy i think of it as they growing a little faster and the green dont have time to catch up but thats all it really is good job so far.

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Looking great! Keep it going…
Happy growing 🪴🕺

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