Are my plants Ruderalis?

A question of a fellow grower: I planted White Widow autoflower this year and one of my plants is definitely pure Ruderalis. Haven’t I been short-changed with my seeds. This plant will not get me high, correct?
I believe the plant is Ruderalis because the leaves only have 3 leaflets each. Also, the buds are completely different from the other three plants. The first two photos are of the auotflowering White Widow and the last two photos are of the suspected Ruderalis.

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I think she looks like she was stressed. Its possible to start early to flower and the hours of the day changed and then she revegged shortly again

I believe, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that all autos are crossed with ruderalis. This is how they manage to flower automatically.
Different phenotypes of the same strain can show different characteristics.

It’s possible that one plant shows more ruderalis tendencies. It’s also possible that one plant is more sensitive to its growing conditions. I’ve had clones throw out single leaves for most of their grow due to stress.
Just let it grow and see what happens.


It’s stress, probably. I have a plant in a bucket doing the exact same thing. It’s from my own seeds I’ve grown for years. They’ve never been anywhere near ruderalis plants.

@Drinkslinger is correct they are bread with ruderalis to obtain the genetics that make them grow faster
And its possible that a few will have those genes as dominant and show those traits
I will also say this
Yes that will definitely get you high
I just finished a grow of ww autos that showed the same exact traits your talking about
I also had ak47 auto show the same and super skunk autos all had three finger leaves
But end product is just fine and flavorful :wink:

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I had a two giant ww autos and a two that didn’t get taller than 18 inches. The big difference was the timing of transplant. The big ones had nice white roots when I transplanted and the small ones got root bound with brown roots when transplanted. They’re both potent and smooth smoking.