Are My Plants On Track

Sprouted my NL photos 7/16. Just wanted an opinion on if they are looking good and about the size they should be for their age. Also, am I ready to FIM or LST yet. Thanks for looking
@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @Vexer


Yup the three bigger ones look like ther are ready when you are! :joy:

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Most people start fiming or topping after it has 5 nodes. You’re plants look good though. :v:

I agree, looks good.

Thanks guys for helping me on my first grow. The smalles plant was started about 1.5 weeks after the others so I’ll let Gimp catch up some. She also had rust fungus which I’m not sure is gone yet so I’ll be patient and let her grow some more. Honestly, I didn’t even think I would have them alive for this long so it’s all bonus territory now!

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Haha same here man. One thing i do regret. I have tortured all my girls since their fourth node. If u can. Leave one to grow ‘as she will’. Gives u a baseline. Had to stop training one. She has a wicked lean but think she may give me a accurate look at what they’d do without constant poking bending and proding.

@Familyman I have 2 seedlings about the same age as your 4 and their roughly same size as yours. Il tag you in my grow.