Are my plants hermaphrodite?

Hey guys,
Does anyone know if my plants are okay? Or if they’re hermaphrodite?
They have these weird ball like things, but have pistol hairs going all the way through them.
Thank you

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Femme I think


All lady parts, I see. Those calyx at the start of the nodes were the first ones the plant produces to show sexual maturity.


Ahh fuck, I pulled a few off xD

Will they be okay if I pulled like 5 off of each plant?

You can see orange hairs coming out of calaxyes as @BobbyDigital noted. If that’s all your pulling off I don’t think that’s gonna do much. That’s not gonna turn into bud anyway


It’ll be fine. They weren’t going to develop into anything more than that anyway.


Cheers dude, Big love as always

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The hair growing out is the give away. :+1:t2:
If it grows on a tiny stem of it’s own, is a little more round, and has no hair, probably male flower.
Once you see one it is easier to tell the difference.
Good on ya for asking.

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