Are my plants hermaphadite?

A question of a fellow grower:
The last two pictures show the spread out branches compared to a female and the top (half way up) just thickens, like 20 close together branches on a stem, a bush almost. The other 3 plants looked the same, and destroyed them, but the branches were about 3 inches apart all the way up the tree. One plant was 6 feet tall before hacking it down.

I think it a hermaphadite. It still keeps growing and nothing to show for it, just gets bushier. Should I feed it fertilizers, that would be a waste money. How tall will it get before I have buds on them. This plant is 4 and a half months old. It is now starting to have a few yellow leaves like it is “fall”.

I see some whispy female hairs. It’s a bit early, but I’d say it’s a girl.

Yellowing leaves at the bottom are normal when you go into flower. If you get more than a couple, or the yellowing is more than just the bottom few, I’d step up the nutes.


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Your an outdoor grower and there for your on natures time. Not sure where you live but as the sun gets less per day she will respond by growing flowers but for now she wants to grow so hang in there she will flower when its time


Looks all female to me and i agree with @garrigan62

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Looks like girlie parts but perhaps too young to tell if hermied