Are my plants growing at a proper rate?

A question from a fellow grower:

I am a first time grower. I ordered the white widow plant for newzealand and started my plants back in second week of August. I have been successful with them so far but I am not sure if they are growing at a rate that is proper. I live on the coast of South Carolina and have had my plants in pots in my back yard. I do have the ability to move them around and do so. I also have a sun room that they seem to like. I put them in the rain for water. My soil is a combination of Organic Potting soil, Peat Moss, Coffee Grounds, Egg Shells Bone Meal. I water them with either rain water or tap water that I let sit over night.

I have one plant that is about 18 inches tall and another that is about 8 inches tall. I do have several grow lights in my sun room as well I keep on a night for the additional light they need due to the daylight hours not being enough. Can you please give me any more advice on what I need to do next.

THey are very green healthy looking plants. I have had a couple of leaves on the bottom come off over time but, nothing major. Please help me. I don’t know what to do next.

Well you gave us a brief summary of what is going on, but not the important data.

Please copy/paste this support ticket, invented to provide our contributors and experts with the necessary info they need to give you an informed answer.

Meanwhile. The plants seem short for 7-8 weeks. Could be the strain, could be the pot is too small, could be a number of things.

Fill out the Support ticket, and upload a picture of each plant.

Peace. Go Tigers! LOL

I have been growing WW now for some time now about to start my 6th generation of WW.
WW. Is a slower grower. I just finished my 4th harvest which finished in 13 week but should have been 9.
But fill out / that Support Ticket and we’ll take it from there.
And please feel free to ask me for any help with WW.

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