Are my plants getting enough light?


Hello, this is my first grow and I’m on day 17 so far and I’m not seeing any signs of growth. My plants look healthy and I was wondering if they were not getting enough light? They are under 3 100w CFL bulbs, 1600 lumens each. Are they okay or does this particular strain, strawberry kush, grow slower than what I’ve been researching? My grow room is a bedroom closet about 5ft in length and 2 ft in width. I’m using about a little under half of the space currently. I hope I can get some great input! Thanks!:grin:


Yes - but can move closer - 2 inches above plants’ top - with 100 watt cfl’s can be place any were from 2- 6 inches(closer the better) - the “streach” is cause by plant being to far from light- use back of hand test at 2 inches (place hand over top of plant for 30-60 seconds and feel the heat on the back side of your hand - if to hot move light away) Go to “CFL grow” short, excellent information. what type of reflector hood ? (dome) diameter of ? Would really consider transplanting NOW (always as soon as possible) The latest would be with 3 sets of true leaves


I don’t know why your stems are purple? That’s weird. And what media are you using to grow them in? Looks like mulch. The seedlings look light green, and honestly they don’t look healthy. Do you know the pH of your water? How often are you watering?


I’m a newbie myself but think you need more light or possibly move them closer to plants. This is a strawberry kush that’s 19 days old in this pic.


Beautiful plant @ntense! You should start a grow journal, I’d like to check it out


Thanks @ktreez420, I have been taking photos and documenting everything since day one so maybe I will start one… Will keep you posted.


Hi @Gizmo,

The above comments are indeed things to think about. Strawberry Kush may have purple stems very easily. But I am worried about the yellow look to them.

My main concerns would be pH and if this mulch mix might be too nutrient rich or “nutrient hot” for seedlings.



Thanks for the comments I didn’t do to much research on the soil but I planted them in the brand True Living Outdoors All Purpose Potting Soil. I’ve been using tap water that I sit out for a couple of days to let the chlorine evaporate out of it before I water and I’ve been watering every 3 days so far. That’s when it looked like to me they needed water. But I will move the lights closer and transplant them. But what’s a good soil I could get at a store? I don’t have any nursery’s around me but just a Home Depot and a Walmart garden centers. Help me save my babies! @MacGyverStoner @ktreez420


When I look close on the edge of the two fan leaves it looks purple-ish on the way edges. What could that be from?


Also you might need more lights I don’t think those cfls would give the plant enough light thru it’s whole grow, also make sure to move a lot closer about 2-3 inches from plant but make sure to check to raise your lights up to make sure the seedlings don’t grow up to the light


How are your girls doing @gizmo?


@ktreez420 they are doing much better! I transplanted them and they recovered quick. I’ll post a picture them both. I moved the lights closer and a tip of a leaf got burnt but it’s not bad. And I had a trial and error with giving them nutes a little early than I should of but other than that they look a lot better!


Don’t mind my goofy names​:joy::joy:


Great job gizmo! They look great now, and I’m sure will grow very nicely from now on as long as you keep up with correct pH water and correct nutes. Awesome to see them growing nicely now!


Thanks! I have a ph scale coming in the mail, I can’t wait to get it to get everything all straight. Ill keep you posted for the future



Really nice! They look great. I myself am stumbling along, I just need a few more tools and ill be set.


I have the exact same problem my plants have not grown for a !@#$ing month idk if its the lights the water or anything but they have been 2 !@#$ing inches for the longest time


Whats your set up like?? They probably just want more light, Or if they are growing out and not up try raising the light some. That should make it reach a little bit, but you could just have a strain that doesn’t get very tall.


My problem ended up being the soil I was using. It was a runoff ph of 3.1 and it was impossible to bring up past 4.2, so I transplanted into FF Ocean Forest and they have took off from there