Are my plants doomed?

I’m on my first grow and I have my plants in a greenhouse in the sunniest part of my yard and I’m not sure that they will do anything. What do y’all think? They all just started flowering within the past few days seeing some white pistols come up I’m bout to be in week 4. Uploading: FBA057C2-B18D-487F-A270-C47F74EE0636.jpeg…
Uploading: BC891118-AF49-4E59-B83A-5E0C9D3C8F19.jpeg…
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Let the pictures finish uploading first. If the files are too large they never will. Which is why I take screen shots when using my 108mp camera. Since the original files are too large to be uploaded.

Sorry man haha.

Doesn’t look doomed. Looks like it’s not getting near enough PPFD. Or is a male. Since males sometimes will just be leggy af. It’s green so it’s alive. Just not getting enough light for sure. You can grow cannabis as a house plant. Looks similar to this too. Will never produce usable product. Since house plants don’t get enough light.

I see pistils. It’s female. She needs more light. Just don’t blow her up too fast.


Edit: she need more light density


That’s what I was afraid of I don’t know how I’m gonna get more light they are in the best part of the yard for the sun I just don’t think I have a good enough spot to grow. Makes me sad man maybe I can get a tent for the next one. It’s a gorilla glue auto from crop king seeds. Thanks @Budz

It’s probably that green wrap around your greenhouse blocking your light….can’t see the top of it but I’m assuming it’s covered all the way around in this stuff…? I would look into something better suited for an actual greenhouse ie allows uv to penetrate and actually do it’s job….too much shade


Yeah it’s all around it It’s probably messing it up. If I set them outside could that potentially save it?

It’s not that it needs saved…it’s still “growing” just very slowly…

If you decide to put it in direct sunlight…do this slowly meaning…acclimation

First time maybe an hour…maybe less depending if it starts wilting as it might not be able to even stand it this long

Next day longer

Next day longer

So on so forth….knowing your sunlight hours per day will help you gauge how much direct light it’s actually getting…just be careful :sunglasses:


I thank you for the advice I’m gonna try that and see what happens! Might just have to use the greenhouse as a shelter for when it rains @grizZz

Be very careful…do not stress your plant by going to fast with acclimation…if these were seedlings and they sprouted out in the sun you probably won’t have too much trouble…if they were started inside and brought out to the greenhouse you could have it hermie or even turn male….seriously be careful :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

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…is that a Yoda insect sticky pad? lol

Jesus Christ :joy: yeah I started them inside. Next time I’m just going to start them outside to avoid all this. And probably ditch the greenhouse. Or find a way to grow inside.

@OooWee1184 absolutely it is! Amazon got everything haha

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I wouldn’t ditch the greenhouse…there’s sooo much you could do…calm breaths :rofl:

I am soooo pissed I was hoping this would have went better I spent a good amount of money to get this started I hope I can at least get something to smoke out of it😂.

@grizZz said everything I am currently too high to begin to articulate. Have had a tooth ache… had. Lol


You shouldn’t be mad…setbacks happen…you can read my journal (or almost everyones journal) I dunno of a perfect grow :thinking:…but…keep your investment going…DO NOT STOP….

This will pull you through your next grow….everything you’re learning now or wish you had done is called progress…you’re already ahead and will definitely have something to smoke

Just love that lil lady she will love you right back


@Budz Do you have some ginger or mint? You can rub it directly on your tooth


Look at my first grow vs second. I pulled more off one plant my second than did in all 7 of first.

I remembered about saline/h202 washes. Lol. But yes I know about fresh mint. Thanks for the ginger tip. (•‿•)


Hahaha thank y’all for the help I’m gonna try easing them into direct sunlight and hope for the best. I hope your tooth feels better! @Budz