Are my northern lights seedlings ok, they’re 2 weeks today

These are both northern lights, first one feminised and second auto.
They’ve been above the surface for two weeks today and auto flower is about 4cm high, ![image|375x500](upload://1o

LzIozs9BDQaOkDRhMFyNqmLXu.jpeg) just seems really droopy I’m wondering are they too small is there something wrong


Welcome aboard! Lots of great people here to help you.

Hard to tell by the pictures but looks like the soil is too wet and is limiting the amount of oxygen available to the roots. Also known as overwatering.

Let them dry out for a few days.

They only need a few drops a day, if that. I recommend getting a spray bottle and lightly misting the soil around the main stem. That will be enough for 2-3 days.


Welcome to the community;I agree with @dex2020 soil looks too wet.


Looks like my 1st girls when I was way to conservative with light get them under 400 ppfd for about 5 days then up them to 600 ppfd , you’ll probably veg extra long because of the slow start so dont be surprised heres an example top is when I didnt know what I was doing at 2 weeks bottom is current grow at 5 weeks but the bottom right is Jack herer at 2.5 weeks after I knew what I was doing


Thanks for the reply Greensnek.
I’ve been putting them under a T5 for 20/4 but also outside in the morning sun for 1-2 hours a day. I live in a rural area in Australia so I could leave them out all day but I’m wary of burning the leaves

I’d leave them out all day preferably in a shadier spot cause the ppfd out put of a t5 just isnt enough (this is a par map for 1)

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Ok thanks, the wife’s a green thumb and she was saying they need more light. It’s my first grow so still learning. Thank you


I’m not too sure that light is the problem here. They don’t need much as seedlings, but I’m no expert in lighting. @dbrn32 will be able to help with that one.

The only reason I think this, is because the soil is rather wet in @Tjp8791 pics. The first pic shows the seedling reaching up nicely, indicating that it actually likes the light that’s coming in, not to mention there is almost no stretching in the main stems.

Even if you have perfect lighting, the overwatering will continue to cause issues until they die.

Just my opinion.

Either way, putting them outside all day, in some shade, will solve both issues, as long as you keep the watering to a minimum.

Good luck mate! :grin:


What dex2020 said…

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Overwatering was a concern dex2020 as the leaves were droopy I thought this may of been a sign of excess water. Seems like putting them outside during the day in a shady area and only watering when the soil is dried out on top is the best approach. Thanks for your advice!

Water when all the soil in the pot is dry, not just the top which dries very quickly. A good way is to go by weight, pick up the pot, it should be very light when it needs water, heavy when wet.


Thanks Hellraiser, I’ve realised it’s an acquired skill knowing when and how much to water. Your tips are appreciated

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What size t5 fixture, how large is space, and how far away is light?

The t5 is 39 watts and 3 foot long, the space is 3 foot wide x 1.5 foot deep x 5 foot high.

I’ve purchased a grow room 6x6 and 2 x 600 watt led grow lights which draw 235 watts from the wall. I’m only planning on growing 4 plants at a time so I hope this will be enough

Light is 3-4 inches away and I have a small fan running so temp stays around 24 degrees Celsius

600 watt draw? Or do they claim to be 600 watt

Claim 600watt, draw 235watt each so technically 235. I’m assuming with a total of 235 x 2 gives me 470 watts actual, so enough to cover around 9 square foot at 50 watts per square foot