Are my little friends going to live?

there’s two plants. deficiency issues and its their 2nd day in soil(18/6). they were in a ziploc bag where I sprouted them in a wet papertowel.

biobizz all-mix “strong soil for seedlings” they said, so I just bought a soil without nutrients from my local store before I planted the girls. and added that second soil on top of the all-mix. I thought it was a good idea since they were babies. lots of deficiency and now I don’t have an idea about one of my plants

I’m using tap water, bought a pH test and didn’t use it nor adjust pH level of the water cuz I’ve read something about it’s not important if you don’t in soil. all-mix pH: 6.6

400W MH bulb. humidity is around %40-%60. I can’t get it better. temps between 18-26C. my air ventilation is good for the size of my grow room I think. that’s why soil always and there’s a fan on it’s lowest setting, blowing air to the lamp 5-6 times a day(with a timer, lights-on part of the schedule)

Is she gon live :frowning: if no, then what is the best solution for the same deficiency not happening again to the other one?

Thank you.

Ph is one of the bigger deals an there are a few in here that can tell you better than me but they might pull out

Ph is always a big concern even in soil, it affects taste of your plants and as well as affects yeilds at harvest, having nutrient problems they could pould possibly be lacking n-p-k a little bit of calcium or magnesium, possible to even be lacking sulfer or even zinc. Only try 1/4 tsp doses and see how it helps if possible, any further help I’m sure they will have you fill out a support ticket, if post up the link for the support ticket but do not know how to do it so my apologies for that

And for seedling humidity should be 70-90% I believe, I’ll post a chart that will help

Id say sededlings would be 70-80% as they are usually the same humidity level as clones if not the same than very close