Are my girls ok

Nutes on Sunday, RO watered today. Girls look sad. Fox farms happy frog/nectar of the gods #4 50/50 mix. They got grow big, tiger bloom, big bloom, microbe brew, boomerang, flowers kiss, kelp me
Kelp you, fish shit and CalMag. All under recommended dosing. PH’d to 6.2-6.4 using RO water. Under scorpion rspec running at 477watts with UVA bar (just added Sunday). Temps mid 70’s and rh mid to upper 50’s. Popped out of soil between May 8th and 10th. Auto zkittlez

I grow with nectar of the gods #4 and use GH trio and cal mag for my nutrients. I give 1/2 the recommended they seem to like that . How often are you watering and do you water to runoff every time?

Looks like a potential overwatering I think… I’m no pro though. Are you soaking the medium and letting it almost fully dry before watering again?


What’s your light and how close ( might be a little to bright for the 1st 1)is it, 2 day full saturation might be to much for the girls to switch to a 3 day schedule to let them breath( coco coir can barely handle a 2 day schedule and that has super aerative properties)

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Each watering they get 2qts. Water every 2-3 days. Always wait for soil to be dry. Nutes every other eater.

Always wait til fully dry. Water with 2qts for each plant. Wait till soil is dry.

Scorpion rspec running at 477 watts with a uva bar. Lights running 18/6 at about 18 inches

looks like light stress.

18 inches is a lil extreme that early into flower try raising in to 22


Are these 5 gallon pots? If so they should be getting double the water that you’re giving them. When using fox farms nutrients, you’ll want to water each time to a good bit of runoff or that stuff will build up on you.

I was following what the guy at HLG told me to do. Will raise tho.

I have same problem with my one Skittles plant but it not over watering it not nutes it’s idk healthy but droopy