Are my girls looking good?

I found four males in my bunch before they started flowering by the pods they grew killed em after removing them. I digress here’s some pictures of my girls overcrowding took its toll, and I over watered at first before reading further into it. Do they look healthy enough also does a magnifying glass let you see the THC droplets on the trichomas?


Welcome to the forum! They look great! Get yourself a loupe to see the trichomes better. Magnifying glass may not be enough. Try and see!


The last photo shows problems that are in advanced stages. Please take photos that clearly show the plant. Because your photos you took mask the problems.

Go on Amazon and get a 30x and 60x Jeweler Loupe and it will clearly show the trichomes. :+1::+1::+1:


What are the white specks on the leaves? U got bugs? You, sir, Have spider mites!


Oh I know about the spider mites not entirely sure how to prevent them. I found some and killed them by hand it was only two and it was during the veg stages months ago. Have they like laid eggs inside my plants or something I haven’t seen them since I killed those two. I had a serious amount of spider webs on one in the back to the right i mostly left them alone assuming they would handle my pest issue then I cleared it out when the blooming started. I have been learning as I go these are also merely random seeds from a decent strain I got an ounce of nothing from here yet those we want next true batch. I appreciate the feedback though am always happy to learn from those with more experience than my own.

I have had issues for about a month I think it was a combination of over watering them and poor quality soil for most of them. The greener ones got fox farms soil the ones with dying fan leaves and such top soil due to them being older and root lock happening soon. I have nutes and have been giving them cal mag kelp extract and silica it’s turned them around considerably. Any tips would be appreciated also what angle would provide you with a better vantage point for those affected maybe a full side view or an overhead view?

I’d remove all the nasty leaves that look to have had heat and or light stress. Because they will never recover.

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You still have intruders. Just because you cant see them doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. A microscope will help you see them. They most likely came from the soil. Not a big deal. But you still need to see it to the end. Not only treat the plants, but spray the soil as well and don’t miss the underside of the leaves. Trifecta is good and all natural, if you can get a hold of it. They have great customer service. Flying Skull Nuke’um is also rocking stuff. I don’t know that the insect killing soap will kill the mites, but worth a try. You need 3 applications of what ever you go with. Apply after lights out. Knock it out and and you will be home free. Happy Gardening!

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I just bought some trifecta pre mixed sounds like I should use it always since it prevents fungus as well as other possible pests. The site had a typo not sure it it’s supposed to be applied once a day for three weeks or three times a day for three weeks. Super useful feedback though glad I got on here to ask it should resolve the issues I have been having.

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Hey mate! If you have a problem with spider mites - try growing some dill, chrysanthemums, chives or Chinese parsley in your grow room, they will help to distract them from your girls!

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