Are my girls healthy?

These are gorilla glue, they are about two and half weeks from popping out of the soil. Do they look healthy ?? I have been feeding them a little bit of nutes, just fox farm big blooms. What do you guys recommend when to start feeding them and what do you like to feed them FIRSTZ. Also when do I know when to go to 12/12 vs 18/6

Way to early for any type of nutes, as you already have nute burn. The first set of leaves (cotyledon) have all the nutes the plant needs, once the fall off, most experienced growers add nutes.

2nd part, what soil are you using? Brand specific

Are they autos or photo?

They should be a little bigger at that stage IMO. Make sure you have the right pH water going in 6.5. make sure you give the plant wet and dry cycles (don’t over water) and make sure those cups have proper drainage.


Typically most growers go with 18/6 at veg stage, and flip to 12/12 for flower. You could start 18/6 now

Hey @Dabmon710, welcome to the forum.
Take advantage of the grow guide, link below.
Also those clear containers are not good for the roots. Roots hate light. Perhaps just place them in a dark cup or something. Dont transplant but do cover the clear plastic with something.


Im using fox farm happy frog. Ok I will stop feeding them nutes. And what should I do in the immediate future to ensure my girls will live a happy life??

They are phots, how long should I go with out giving them water ?? I just transplanted all of the ones that were in clear cups into to non clear cups, i tried to be as careful as possible and madure not to cut off any of the roots,

I would highly recommend reading this grow journal, he uses happy frog too. Am a first time grower, and follow his guide step by step, very happy with my results.

You want the cups to feel empty. Hellraiser goes over it in that journal. At your stage it was every 5 or 6 days, and I used 4 to 5 oz of pH watered. You want drainage, so the soil doesn’t build up nutes and salts.

Next we need to talk about your lights and housing :slight_smile:

Yeah, Ive been reading through hell raisers journal dude is a pro. Wish I would’ve came across him before planting. Im about to start all over lol and just keep experimenting with my babies for now. WHAT IS THE PH AND PPM YOU USE FOR VEG. MY lights are a 1500 watt King LED I am just using this light for early veg (Im starting to think these lights are not powerful enough) My other two lights that I have not hooked up yet and were waiting for the girls to get a little bigger are my PB2000 quantum board LED’s. Heard great things about these lights and that they are pretty powerful for being inexpensive LED’s

I bought similar burples from Amazon too. I don’t like Amazon allows them to be falsely advertised. I agree using them for seedling and first few weeks of early veg stage. The actual watts of yours is 392. You can start the 24 hours on after you soak and drop the seeds in solo cup, put them in your tent, about 18" to 20" away from the cup. At your girls stage, I would be on 18/6.
Nothing wrong with starting over, you could keep the ones in progress, see how they come out. One thing I learned too, is am going to germ more girls than I plan to grow, so I can adverse select the most healthy.

With happy frog, you want the sweet spot of pH at 6.5 every watering going in, and pH after adding nutes or calmag.

Am currently in FFOF, so I don’t worry about PPM yet, but I track it for learning, because am switching to happy frog for flowering stage. PPM under 900 is when you want to adds nutes. Make sure you use FF feeding guide, but start with 1/4 of the doses. With you
In happy frog, you can start adding nutes sooner. I would wait till you transfer to 3 gallon containers, but that’s just me.

What size tent do you have?

Im running a 18/6 the plants are already used to this so I dont want to switch it up on them. Do you use Cal-mag and wholly mackrell with kelp me kelp you or do you do the tiger bloom or grow big ?? I know the happy frog feeding chart tells me to use cal-mag, wholly mackrell, and kelp me kelp you. Also on the feeding chart do you use all those extra micro nutrients the (not as necessary ones). My tent is the 96x48x80 I got this size because I wanted to walking room not going to be pushing it to the max only will have about 10 plants at max in it.

I will only be using the FF trio for this grow. I use calmag as a preventative measure, at 3ml to a gallon, but only started that after I transfered to 3 gallon containers. I won’t use nutes for another 2 weeks, as am in FFOF soil.
FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom.

Have you used this trio before on a previous grow ? How does it work what was your yield? Also when do you start giving your girl Co2 how much Co2 and what kind of method (tank, Bag , generator?)

My first grow. I don’t need to use Co2. I get fresh air through my vents.

Your doing better than me lol, When it comes to your PH levels for water you shoot for a 6.5 PH level for the whole grow ?? (im pretty sure that is what hell raiser does too ??0)
Ive hear alot of different info for PH levels. Do you test your PH before you put it in the soil or are you getting the PH from testing it in the soil ? Sorry that may sound a little confusing I thought you test PH when its just in the water. I also have a soil PH tester too so just curious to what you do.

I adjust the water going in to 6.5 throughout the grow, as Hellraiser does too. Make sure to adjust after you added anything to your water.

I had a $20 dollar pH tester, but retuned it after I was calibrating it before every use. I upgraded to this one, and like it. It came calibrated.

Apera Instruments AI209 Value…

I don’t soil test aka a sludge test. Just ppm after watering. Not confusing at all! Lots of different tools and technical things we can and do, to become successful.