Are my first set of leaves getting yellow? rookie!

Hi, my plant it look healthy buy the first set of leaves are getting kind of YELLOW.

Can someone tell me why or it is that normal.


Perfectly normal for the single finger leaves to yellow and fall off
Just ph your water to 6.3-6.8
How old is your plant 4weeks or so ?

4 week and 3 days.

It is a autoflowe AK47

Lady could use a little more nitrogen


Have you started feeding
I agree with @tanlover442
And why i was asking the age

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My girls are dropping how offten should I water and feed my feed and my soil are both organic I bought from Lowe’s I’m new and first time grow this is how they look 1539455354192-1991584129 15394554167901773172765

This is the food I’m useing for my veg state