Are my buds ready

Hi do this look ready??

this is a sky og at week 8. And also I have this a strawberry amnesia week 9 i think they are ready

Still clear but getting close. Water only from this point on IMO.


I started with plain water last watering that was 5 days ago I will water again tomorrow and then chop them next week when soil dries out. Does that sound ok? And also 1 more question how come so many amber and yet not so many cloudy?

Looks close. But another week at least

Thanks this is the actual bud of the st. Amnesia

. And alsonthis is my other sky og started turning really yellow

Should I chop or let it go . This need probably another 1-2 weeks and this are the trichomes

. Thanks for all the help and replies

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You got some serious reasons going on bottom one very clear other are closer I’d say a week on top and about 2 on bottom

To much clear, wait, your gaining alot in the last 1-2 weeks be patient. Buds really bulk up and mature in this last bit.

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So leave them for another 1-2 weeks . How about all that yellowing on the 1 plant will it make it another 2 weeks or will it die?

What do you mean i got some serious reasons going on?

And sorry wrong picture of the 1 with yellowing this is it

Let them go till you have some amber trichs she’s just using the food she has stored up

I see amber on the picture or that is not enough amber?

As the plants reach the end of their life cycle.the leaves yellow or turn other colors, just like trees in fall, they are pumping everything they have into the flower to make it as ready for pollen as possible, completely normal.

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At this stage in a plants life cycle ( the end) wouldn’t be affected by pollen so much as in week 2 or 3 or of flower seeds take a long time to develop but it could make the plant go a lil astray from its task on hand ( dieing a virgin) and start re assigning nutrients toward end

You asked why so many amber and yet so many cloudy… not sure if anyone ever elaborated so here goes.

The trichs on the sugar leaves mature alot faster then the ones on the buds. And we smoke buds not leaves. So only one’s u should bother with are the trichs on the buds. Good way to make sure is to follow the pistils (hairs) back into the buds. Im pretty sure majority of ur first pics were from leaves.

The st. Am looks nearly good to go. Try to get a few pure bud trich shots for us.

That second Sky OG looks like she’s about finished eating (assuming she’s still got food in the soil and not eating it, and not that 5 day flush is starving her)

Again when did you flip lights? Sorry if ya already said it. Its lunch/smoke break time.

Sky og is at day 56 from switching to 12/12 , and st. Amnesia 65 days since 12/12 . And I have 2 sky og the number 1

, this one is more frostier and leaves just started to yellow i cut nutrients last watering that was 1 week ago, then number 2 , has alot of yellow leaves and dying and dont know if that is normal and if i should go another week or so. both are at same flowering period, I watered today again with plain water, measured run off was around 6.0ph and 500-600 ec.

Hi guys new pictures I think I’m going to chop in 5- 6 days

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Wow looking good man