Are my buds ready?

First time grower… looks like I have some sort of Sativa just can’t tell what kind. This is my first grow and I want to harvest at the right time. Trichomes appear milky… can anyone tell me if this looks ready or close?? Thnx


4 weeks out yet. Minimum. Welcome and happy growing.


TY. So you estimate I should wait at least 4 weeks from now before harvesting?

Yes, or possibly longer. You’ll want the pistils to be 95% brown.

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Welcome to the community

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No. 4 weeks

Welcome here! Nope, not yet. As hard as it is to figure out but the pistils for the most part are still fat and plump. You want to see the brown ones curl more into the bud and the bud seems to get tighter. I had a veteran grower convince me that my Wedding Cake (first grow) was ready and although my gut told me no, I went with his advice (husband of a cousin not forum member). Now I have some nice bud that is a head clearer, like your brain flushed, but not much more. Hoping more punch with it as it cures.

Here they are day of harvest and I am pretty sure another week at minimum would have made all the difference in the world. Rookie mistake for first grow. Live and learn!