Are my buds fox tailing?

Hi all,

I have 2 king’s Kush autos, not from ILGM, growing in a small tent( can’t remember the dimensions). They are in week 9 roughly and I have started to notice some strange bud formation on one of the plants. They are under a 600w LED which is as high as I can make it(50cm from top of biggest plant), temp is 23c, humidity is 45-50%. The buds are growing long rather than round with strange spacing and growth. The first 3 pics are of the plant in question, the last 2 are of the plant showing no signs of foxtailing.

I have grown this strain before using LST which it didn’t seem to like much, this time I used no training methods so they have grown closer to the light.

All opinions are appreciated, I should also point out that I’m not fussed if they are foxtailing I just want to confirm that they are.



No, not in my opinion

Looks like she still has some fattening up to do

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@Starscream yes is some fox tailing. Many times its a genetic thing, but i have heard that lights too close or too hot of a room can cause it to happen.

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Thanks for the quick responses.

I think it is mostly genetic as my other plant shows no signs of foxtailing.

I usually keep the veg and bloom settings on the light on for the whole grow, should I turn the veg setting off???


If you want full spectrum leave both on. Makes a world of difference in overall end product.

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Yup both switches on. I used the veg only for like the first week or two on new seedlings when i had lights like that.

Yeah man I had an amnesia haze auto I bought from another seed bank and all plants long and stringy, and they all foxtailed to one extreme or another. Light close or not if it’s genetic won’t matter. But as long as she is pushing white pistols it does add up, my plant gave me 3 ounces. It dries quickly and doesn’t store well but it’s good weed. Treat her like any other plant and hope she gains weight. Good luck