Are my Blueberry Autos a bit small for 12 days above soil?

Hey there! This is my first grow and since I have an enclosed area and live in a hot, desert area, I figured I would be better off giving the outdoors a try. I’ve had a small disaster on my hands when the wind knocked over my plants and one of them died from the trauma (her stem was bent and she just dried up). My other two blueberries are still alive and their leaves are nice and bright, but they seem to be a bit small. If I’m totally mistaken and they’re fine, please let me know.

Seeds: Blueberry Autos from ILGM

Medium: A blend of 2/3 Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care organic potting mix and 1/3 Miracle-Gro organic potting soil with extra perlite for aeration. I also added just a bit of Great White Premium Mycorrhizae upon mixing my medium to promote beneficial fungi.

Given how incredibly hot my area is (we recently had a string of days where it was 99+ degrees outdoors), I’ve taken to watering my plants in stages. In the morning, I water in a ring around the edges of the pot to keep the immediate area around the plant itself humid as the sun evaporates the water. I water the plants themselves once every couple of days.

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Seems fine but that Miracle Grow will give you enough problems soon enough. Time release nutrients is bad for cannabis plants. If you can transplant them to say a better soil like Fox Farms Happy Frog, you will save you headaches later on. Every time you water its going to release nutrients. :+1:

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That’s something I’ll keep in mind for my next grow. The Nature’s Care branding they have doesn’t have any of their time-release nutes, but I’ll bet that the potting soil I mixed in does.

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More than likely that would be a yes. Every MG soil I bought in the past was all time release.

Now if you can burn up all the nutrients, the soil gets depleted and you can run with it then. You just add nutrients faster is all.

I have ran the same FFOF soil since May 2018 and slowly tossing it because it became contaminated from my seeds dropping in the toilet. That soil causes every single problem you can think of.

So I have a Lemon Haze Auto in a 15 gallon fabric pot in new FFOF. Only one to make it.


@TheMujaki they are looking good to start. I picked up the happy frog ammendment pack for my dessert outdoor garden which usually struggles and this year I have 5 foot tomato plants and a plan to plant them as a screen next year.

If you can when you pot up I would go with something geared more toward cannabis (or at Home Depot Tomatoes) and you’ll be happier with the end result.

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Seedlings spend a lot of time and energy rooting. Cant grow up top till it can support it from the roots.
After it gets rooted it will take off. Hot weather actually takes more root mass.

I see posts in other places with plants saying stuff like…
"What do you think of my two week old plant"


We grow those in the midwest - they are called christmas trees :christmas_tree:
Is it a picture of your work?

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they take time getting established. patience. You will see that the roots are established when you start seeing bigger multi lobed leaves. then they take off

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Nah, I was just kidding around.
I do see people post pics of plants they say are 2 or 3 weeks old and I know that its not right.
If I grew a tree like that it would disappear overnight.


Welcome to the community! Your seedlings look good they will start establish root system before you see a lot of foliage. Good luck moving forward.

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My gold leaf auto looks like urs and its 18 days old


Some strains will grow a bit slower than others. I have three autos going at the moment and at the end of week two their leaves already have expanded to the edge of the solo cup. Yours look to be a week behind, but again it has a lot to do with the strain.

Many have talked about MG and if you want the most out of them that is easily remedied by simply better soil. You are the one that puts the effort in, if it was me I would be repotting them.

Welp, it looks as though my first grow journey is at an end. I was gone for a couple of days last week and despite having watered them thoroughly beforehand, it didn’t save any of my girls from the 107 degree heat wave that rolled through when I was gone. Only one of them survived (a hardy little blueberry auto) while the others just yellowed and withered away no matter what I did. I’ve included pictures for posterity’s sake.

Before I use the rest of my seeds and start over from scratch, does anyone have any tips to help my next grow thrive?

sorry if no one wants this bumpt .i have blueberrys ,just uploading for a refrence .the pic,s are today 7 aug 21

thes 4 are starting 3 mths .pic toDAY 7 AUG 21 .