Are my babies almost ready to harvest? GDP

A few questions, if you please, regarding harvest. First, are they almost ready? I see some amber, but still lots of clear. How much longer should it be? Are the buds going to get bigger? Lastly, my husband was an old school grower… they had some in their back yard growing up. They just harvested whatever off the plant and let it continue to grow. I was told to strip the leaves, hang upside down to dry. What is the best method to harvest? I have more seeds so that’s not an issue. I just want to do what’s most prolific.

Thanks for all your help!


Welcome ! your plant is still pushing a lot of white pistils. You still have a few weeks to go. When looking at the crystals with a jeweler’s loupe look at the bud itself not the leaf. Also when drying shoot for a slow 8 to 10 day drying. 67 to 70 degrees would be good. Some people hang the whole plant upside down ,an others removed the limbs an hang . I have done both, just remember the more Leafs you remove the faster it will dry. I usually remove some of the big fan leafs before hanging an trim what is left later. Hope that helps good luck


Thank you!!

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Looking great! Do you have a photo of the whole plant? Growing the same strain.

Sure! Here’s the pic. I don’t have good natural lighting in the garage, so I just took it in the bloom light.

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Nice! Thanks!

Is that red bud?

I don’t know what that is…

Oooooooh I’m oooolllllldddd.

You have several weeks to go, maybe a month or more. I suggest using both switches in flower. It’s ok to use the grow light during grow, because growing stage doesn’t require as much light, but when flowering, more light equal bigger buds.

Colombian Red?

In the early 70’s ,we in my area could get a “RED BUD” so called for the red hairs thru out the bud. Very strong and expensive in that time. Very well known in my area.

Panama Red. I got my start smoking the older strains in 1981 Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Thai Stick, Maui Waui, etc. I’m growing AG now and finished MW a couple months ago. I’m looking to relive my youth by growing the strains I started on.
I agree with @Audiofreak you have some time left before harvest.

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I remember smoking some called Purple Hair. Hell idk if that’s what the name was. At 14 I was happy to get anything I could.

I am a new grower. This is my first grow. This is an auto flower in week 8. I am seeing quite a bit of Amber. I have read that you want about 30% Amber. This will be my first harvest. I’m looking for help recognizing when its time. I have a jewler’s loop. Some clear and some milky it appears. I also wasn’t sure if I should have tagged onto this thread vs starting a new one so I apologize if I should not have. Thanks.

It’s GDP (GrandDaddy Purple).

Sweet. I think I heard that but completely forgot. Ill turn them all on and see what they look like in a few weeks.