Are Marijuana Stocks on Your Radar?

Hi everyone.

I’m totally new to the growing scene and have only used marijuana about a dozen times in the past 20 years. As my state just went legal for recreation and growing (MA) I’ve decided to give it a go. My seeds just arrived a few days ago!!

This got me thinking about other people like me…those who have not been against pot…but also have wanted to be within the law.

Now that it is becoming more legal and talked about, both medically and for recreation, I thought I’d look into companies that are publicly traded that are related to marijuana, growing, etc.

Without naming specific companies (as I am new to investing as well and don’t want to steer anyone wrong) I thought I’d point out that doing some research and buying some stock may be something more of you would like to do.

I did a search on “Pot stocks” and that is how I picked some stocks. While the stocks are super volatile - I’ve actually made over $1300.00 so far in very little time with a $1500.00 investment.:dollar:

Just thought some of you, who haven’t even thought about this aspect of legality and increased popularity, may want to check it out!*

I don’t work for any type of pot company at all…just looking out for those of you who’ve been supporting it for years.


Your sister - ShhShh


Hey I’m also in mass and have been investing in cannabis stocks since 2008. I will say that I’ve made about 3 grand off a 300 dollar investment, however, it is VERY volatile, and essentially gambling, especially on penny stocks. Most of them are hyped and pump and dumped around elections, and things like that. All that said,if you like to gamble, it’s a good way to get lucky, but I wouldn’t gamble my life savings on it.
I only play 2 of them typically, and in anyone’s interested pm me ill tell you which.

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Yeah…I’m not betting the bank.

As with any stock, I’m putting in what I’m able to lose 100% of without hurting the bottom line - if it came to that.

I’m also learning how to protect my investment with trailing stops and limit orders and such so I don’t lose 100%.

I’ve spread out the “cannabis stock” (either actually invested in or watching closely) into types - medical focus, soil focus, nutrient focus, growing equipment focus, etc.

It’s actually pretty neat to get into all of the different aspect of any type of industry and its many moving parts.

I agree with @Sticks1121 - don’t gamble your life savings.


I’ve been interested in taking a look, but I have no background on investing in anything lol



I have some friends in Florida that have invested in the market and have lost! You must do the perlimanary work yourself! You must pay attention every day to what’s going on around you! Good luck with your grow and stocks! Mike

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I’m also in Mass & I’ve been hearing a lot about “pot stocks!”
How do you get started?

I have a TD Ameritrade account but you can use any online trading platform, like E-Trade or such.

First find out about how to use those sites and pick the best one for you (based on fees or initial investment)

Then, look into pot stocks by doing internet searches. Many stock sites, Bloomberg, Motley Fool, etc. have info on what stocks they think are good.

But, think for your self by collecting as much data as possible. If you don’t understand terms of investing many of the trading sites have their own glossaries or “schools” to learn from and some offer free or at cost advice from a real person.

Also, Investopedia is a great site for learning tons of stuff and they even have a free stock simulator.

Once I have an idea of what companies others like I investigate each individual company further by looking up as much info as I could find on them.

Good luck!


Is it easy? & Have you been successful?

I have been invested in pot stocks sense last year. I have a small some sum spread out between 8 stocks. I invest in growers who have the ability to transport to other countries and have dispensaries. I also have hemp suppliers and all of the above. I concentrate mostly on Canada stocks because they are well established. I do not get in and out of my trades in this industry because of volatility. This is just the beginning of what’s coming in the years ahead. It’s like alcohol back when it became legal. If you find strong companies, with a bright future, then it’s worth staying in the trade for the long hall. Take a look at what Aurora Cannabis in Canada is up to. I’m not suggesting to go buy this stock, but to look at what just one company is doing. This post is only my opinion on what I see ahead of us. Happy Trading Lneumiller